Great 'disguised Own Brand' Hunt.

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    maman wrote: »
    Thanks for this I'll try Asda as getting the Branston beans at a good price is getting harder and harder.

    I tried Waitrose own brand (recommended on another thread) and they're fine at 4 for £1.10. I haven't done the maths yet but the cans are smaller than average so I need to work out the cost per kg.

    ETA: Just checked mysupermarket and Waitrose are 69p per kg to Asda's 60p so well worth a try. That's on multi packs. On average Branston is about 20-30p more.

    I'd second the positivity for the Asda ones - very similar ingredients but not quite as good. Taste much the same though - provided you avoid the low sugar/salt version.

    4 Branston for a pound here, though:
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    Bacman wrote: »
    I don't know the answer to the question however what I can say is we used to buy Branson baked beans as wasn't so keen on Heinz ones, or some cheaper brands however we then tried Asda's own ones, the red ones in a pack of 4 for 98p and I must say we can't taste any difference between the two. The price is far better at a fair bit under half the price, so good value. A switch worth making!

    Didn't know beardy had branched out into beans.
  • We have just had Morrisons beans on toast. Husband is convinced that they are the same as Heinz as is their tomato soup.

    Even if they aren't, well he's convinced so more money saved!
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    I currently work for Bakkavor at the moment. I won't say what my job is as it might disclose who i am but i can confirm that Bakkavor produces pretty much all of the Houmous in the UK (well over 99% of it) as well as a very large percentage of many other food items.

    Bakkavor is an Icelandic owned company with a UK based factory as well which currently produces over 99% of the Houmous that we eat in the UK. They have a huge monopoly and are really the main provider of Houmous in the UK. If you have eaten Houmous than you have most liken eaten Bakkavor products. However almost nobody has heard of Bakkavor because they don't make any products with their own name on it. Instead they produce the own brand Houmous for our supermarket chains which then brand it as their own brand Houmous using their own names.

    Bakkavor currently produce the entire own brand ranges of Houmous (all flavours and types and styles) for:

    • Aldi (branded as "Specially Selected" and "The Deli" on the pack)
    • Asda (branded as "Asda" on the pack)
    • Booths (branded as "Booths" on the pack)
    • Boots (branded as "Boots" on the pack)
    • Budgens (branded as "Discover The Choice" and "Discover The Taste" on the pack)
    • Coop (branded as "Coop" on the pack)
    • Dunnes [Irish Supermarket] (branded as "Dunnes" on the pack)
    • Iceland (branded as "Iceland" on the pack)
    • Lidl (branded as "Deluxe" and "Meadow Fresh" on the pack)
    • Londis (branded as "Euro Shopper" and "Happy Shopper" on the pack)
    • Marks & Spencer (branded as "Marks & Spencer" on the pack)
    • Mccolls (branded as "Safeway" on the pack)
    • Morrisons (branded as "Morrisons" on the pack)
    • One Stop (branded as "One Stop" on the pack)
    • Premier (branded as "Euro Shopper" and "Happy Shopper" on the pack)
    • Sainsburys (branded as "Sainsburys" on the pack)
    • Spar (branded as "Spar" on the pack)
    • Supervalu [Irish Supermarket] (branded as "Supervalu" on the pack)
    • Tesco (branded as "Tesco" on the pack)
    • Waitrose (branded as "Waitrose" on the pack)

    Not all of the products will be exactly the same though as the supermarkets can tell them how much salt and fat and calories they want and what oil they want to be used and whether or not they want preservatives to be used. So all the supermarkets can have a say if they choose to so they won't all be identical. But they are however all coming from the same exact company and the same exact factory.

    Although their Houmous has the highest monopoly out of all of their products they make at over 99% of the UK market it is worth noting that Bakkavor also have a huge monopoly in producing most of the own brand, Dips, Guacamole, Falafel, Salads, Sandwiches, Pizzas, Pies, Ready Meals, and lots of various other items sold in our supermarkets. But their Houmous is definitely their biggest market and it is amazing that they are now pretty much the only provider that is not a small local independent brand only.

    Other than Bakkavor the other providers of Houmous in the UK include the following:

    • Delphi
    • Dip Society
    • Happy Pear
    • Love Olive
    • Mama K
    • Me Too
    • Moorish
    • Orexis
    • Precious Pea
    • Pulse
    • San Amvrosia
    • Zorba

    But these ones are all much smaller companies that only produce their own branded products rather than any of the supermarket own brand ones. So they are only sold in small independent shops and supermarkets and in health food shops and in foreign food shops and places like that.

    So there you go. If you like Houmous and buy it from any of the supermarkets than you have almost certainly eaten Bakkavor products. They make it all.
  • Baked Beans
    My husband works for a canning factory that cans both branded and supermarket own brand beans. But not Heinze.
    There is differences from one brand to another.
    Both in ingredients used the quality of the ingredients and in recipe.
    Another thing to look for is the size of the cans some cans are a afew millimetres shorter than others.
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    I've worked in two food factories:
    1) McCain potato products 
    2) A factory making ready meals
    Whilst I was there, working in quality control, it was obvious that the price point was worked out based on the quality and proportion of ingredients.
    On a Monday, at mccain, we'd be producing the high end oven chips (m&s, waitrose etc) with fresh oil and big maris pipers. Towards the end of the week it would be tesco value deep fry chips with tiny pig tates.
    The same is true for ready meals. You only get what you pay for. So the products may look the same and be made in the same factory but the recipes and quality are very different.
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