March 2010 Grocery Challenge

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  • Under budget this month and declaring for March at £202.16.
    See you on the April thread.
    I'm going to slightly up the budget for April as the freezer is running low - So I'm going for April £220. That's for 2 adults and 2 children.
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    Hi everyone,

    I'm declaring at £334 for March which is £34 over budget but I have a full freezer, have stocked up on cleaning products and Easter is all bought & paid for so I'm hoping that April will be under the £280 I've set for myself.

    I've meal planned for the whole of April and when I've got a week off work mid April I'm going to make some gloop, am already using vinegar in place of fabric conditioner :D

    The only problem I forsee is that DS1 is home from uni and is enjoying mums home cooked meals far too much and seems to have developed hollow legs :rotfl:. I can't be cross with him as he wants to cook Easter Sunday dinner :j
  • poppy-glospoppy-glos Forumite
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    poppy glos declaring for march at 234.48.

    budget for april is £220.

    many thanks all

    poppy x
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    Total spend in March = £135.88, so £64.12 under budget!
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    Ended March with a spend of £18.85 so total is £61.43
  • After an utterly miserable month, I'm declaring a rather poor £550 for March - being as I did a bulk buy of meat, loo roll, washing powder etc which totalled £130 I suppose it's not too bad, but due to circumstances with family members being ill we've eaten on the run alot and sadly that has meant a few takeaways have sneaked into our budget grrrrrrrr..... :mad:

    Still onwards and upwards for April, and I'm off to a flying start by having Easter dinner at my Mum's on Sunday :jless for us to buy! :rotfl:

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    Can I please make my April challenge £200.

    I am hoping it will be a lot less but just in case I do any bulk buying of bargains I have added extra. That is for 4 adults fr one week and five for 3 weeks. Eeek!!
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    I'm delighted to say that I came in under budget at £37.60! :j It was a bit of a struggle though, and I will be allowing more for April. I feel great at the thought of the money I've saved, and I've managed to use up a lot of food that needed to be eaten too :)
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  • Hi everyone,
    Just popping in to update my total for March. Have to say I'm waaaayyyy over at £565.05 :eek: I did buy bulk cat & rabbit food, but even taking that off (60.78) still over by a good bit. Need to be more focused on meal planning, as this is letting me down, leading to unneccessary takeaways. Work has been hectic too, and March just seems to have passed in a blur :o Anyway brand new month, so will try harder!!! Declaring my budget for April at £411.67, fingers crossed. Have a good Easter everyone!
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    Wishing to delcare £237.14 for March please :D
    The day's not out, but WILL NOT purchase anything . . . even if we have to go without milk :rotfl: So under my £250 goal, but the freezer was totally full to overflowing . . . . have kept the same goal for next month so should be a little bit more difficult. We shall see!
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