March 2010 Grocery Challenge

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    Welcome to the GC miss saveapenny and Bluefire
    MrsMC, your oh is well trained :T
    winterfrost, I do the same as brodi, I have half a sack at a time (shared with my sis); I keep them in the original paper sack if I have it, or else in a basket or cardboard box - something breathable - and cover them with newspaper so the light doesnt get to them; my meter cupboard has an outside vent so its always cold in the winter so that's where they are now, not sure where I'll keep them in the summer though :)

    , I've put your recipe for easy cheese biscuits in the front page index, thanks :)
    ... don't throw the string away. You always need string! :D

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    £240 please. I went a bit over last month, and I've already spent £100 of this month's budget. However, the cupboards are full to bursting so I'm hoping I manage it.
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    Hi all, I'm back after spending January in the sunshine and February catching up with everything after having been away!

    I shall set a budget of £50 for March, please Mrs McCawber.

    I had a delivery from Mr T last week to stock up the store cupboard as they were offering free delivery with a £50 spend and also with no Council Tax and Water to pay in February and March I felt it was a good time to fill the cupboards a bit (rice, lentils etc) so I'm not constantly running on empty.

    Once I have the new Council Tax and Water Bill I can then work out more detailed budgets for the rest of the year. Having overspent in November and December I need to replenish my contingency fund so will have to be a bit tighter with everything.

    Have a great month all.

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    Have just returned after big shop , spend 79.00 out if budget of 250 .00 omg

    I have bought loads partly from Sainsbug , F*rmfoods and fruit and veg wholesaler which luckly sells to public too.

    Intended to do a big batch cook today but will do tomorrow.

    I live in a city and we have a few wholesalers which is loads cheaper than normal shops its alway worth checking your area as most do sell to public too . I know this has saved me money in the past in hard times .

    So upshot is have 171.00 to last the rest of month this is going to be tough, but I am on a mission to prove to me I can do it

    Good Luck to everyone out there, it's good to know Im not alone and like minded people thinking exactly the same way
    Debt 25,000 /0.00 Paid off before I found this site .Lightbulb moment ,being refused consolidation loan .Took 4 yrs :T
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    March Grocery Challenge 250/420. April 375.00 :)
    3 Adults , 1 teenager 1 dog ,toiletries cleaning stuff.:rotfl::rotfl:
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    Did my first spend £1 on loaf of bread. Didn't realise we had only one slice left normall got some in freezer. Would have made my own but I would end up eating it all and thats not good when your trying to lose weight. Trying for NSD tomorrow but I bet I spend something.
    Right off to see what damage I've done at weigh in had a week where I can't stop eating not good for the waist.
    Want to in control of my money.
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    Hi everyone - thanks to MRSMC, rosieben and Pink-winged for getting us going again. just logged on to update first spends for March, over £74 already!

    Dinner tonight is a lamb curry using last nights leftover Roast and I have bulked it out with some veg. No pud tonight as I don't seem to be very motivated tonight.:( Plenty of HM biscuits etc in the house so shouldn't get any complaints.:o

    Have a good evening everyone.:D
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  • Hi everyone,

    first spend of the month £13.13 at Aldi. I bought the 5kg of Scottish Potatoes for 49p and they look o.k. also bought the 49p mushrooms. Have meal plan on fridge for the week so here's hoping I wont have to buy much more this week.

    Good luck everyone.
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    Hi all, well just posted my awful overspend for February. I need to be really focussed this month, I am hopefully if all goes to plan going to become a SAHM:T:j:beer::) however that will mean a huge drop in salary, I am a teacher working full time:eek: So in light of having to get used to less shopping money can I please be put down for £175.00 please. I have a freezer full and a pantery(SP) so will only have to get essentials.

    Good luck everyone this month.

    Many thanks

    OS Grocery Challenge
    August £250/ £103.44 left
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    Happy St David's Day all! How nice the banner is at the top of the page to reflect the day.

    I add my thanks to MRSMC, rosieben and Pink-winged for the latest thread.

    Went to MrM today to get 30p spuds and carrots but the offer ended yesterday. :( They do sell Calon Wen non-homogenised milk but only in 2ltr cartons but got one anyway. Also had to get a bit of fruit and the bag of pears for £1 seemed reasonable. Bought a couple of other needed bits and pieces (needed sugar before tomorrow nights delivery from MrS) and spent a grand total of £12.23. However, I found an ancient £5 MrM voucher in my purse which I thought the cashier would throw back at me but she didn't :j and so have added £7.23 to my running total and updated sig (I'm drawing the cash out each week so need to keep the records straight).

    Good luck one and all and thank you all for this wonderful supportive forum. :A
    Mortgage Free October 2013 :T
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    Hi everyone,

    May I join please? I've done the grocery challenge before but not for at least 2 years :o . Since then have moved house, had another baby and fallen off the OS wagon. I've currently no idea what I'm spending or what we're eating, so am going to ask to be put down for £400

    Once I know how I'm doing with that I'll be able to readjust realistically for next month.

    Will be reading even if I don't get to post often, you all help to keep me motivated. Thank you xx
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