March 2010 Grocery Challenge

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    I have been reading this thread for ages and have finally decided to join in:D. I started my March budget on the 25th of feb, I have already apent about £75:eek: £12 was on a big joint of beef, should last ages though as I have got a little meat slicer which streeeeeeeeches it out.
    Not sure if I have set the budget right, there is 3 of us (2 aldults and a child) will give it a try though . I am enjoying it so far and have got a little book to write weekly spends down and it has made me realise just how much we go through, for example it has shown me that we need to cut out buying beer £16 of my budget has already gone on it:eek:. Egg and chips for us tonight and a cup of tea.
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    Afternoon everyone

    I am in to update with my 1st spend of the month -only 4 days in, but we had to go out -so I figured we may as well save petrol by getting it at the same time ;)
    1. 13 yoghurts
    2. 3lt fresh whole milk
    3. 5kg potatoes
    4. 2kg apples
    5. 2kg onions
    6. 500g tomatoes
    7. 1kg carrots
    8. cucumber
    9. red pepper
    10. desicated coconut
    11. plain flour
    12. 2 bags pasta
    13. 2 boxes cuppa soups -for hubby to keep at work
    14. 2 packs grated "pizza" cheese -worked out cheaper than getting more mozarella
    15. 2 tins corned beef
    Came to a grand total of €13.89 -after taking of deposits returned ;)

    I woke up this morning to find that hubby had a huge pan of corned beef hash under way :eek: :T....he knew that we were going to pick up fresh stuff so had used the parsnips, swede, carrots from the bottom of the fridge along with some of the potatoes that were starting to get eyes and some onions .... Now my hubby is a diamond -but being in the forces he has been programmed to do what he is asked/told -so Im amazed he did this off his own bat :A -so we may be eating corned beef hash for the next 3 days (dumplings tonight, some with pastry on top tomorrow and in a yorky on Wednesday -if I don't freeze it)...but we will cope :p -oh and to top it off when I was upstairs earlier hubby called up to ask what ratio of water to vinegar I use when Im descaling the kettle -so he has done that too :T .....
    He is off work for the rest of the week -so who knows what he may do next :rotfl:

    I have plans to make something sweet tomorrow -so its between the recipe I concocted to make a fruit loaf (very like hot cross buns mmm) or something more cakey -I will post the recipes when I finally make my mind up ...
    Right -off to do some more x-stitching...hope everyone has a good month
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    £77.85 for me so far. A bit steep, mere five days into the paymonth, but the storecupboard is well stocked again, so I'm happy :) My first big shop of the month was with Sainsbug - they kindly sent me a free delivery code that had to be used before 28/02, so I thought, why not.... Even better, they were half an hour late delivering, which meant that I got £10 voucher off my next shop there. I usually only shop with them every couple of months, to stock up on basics handcream (the best reasonably priced handcream about), tissues (same price as other supermarkets value range, but unlike the rest of them, don't take the skin off your nose when you use them), and dried milk - all the other stuff is the same price and similar quality as the stuff I normally get locally from Asda.

    But with this voucher, it looks like I'll be placing another online order with them far sooner than expected - £6.50 worth of free food (once the delivery charge is covered), it'd be rude not to.... :D
  • Hi,

    This afternoon is bright and sunny where I am, would have been a great morning if we did not have to spend over two hours after our appointment time at the hospital waiting to see the Consultant with my DH, who then said come back in two months !!!.

    My month starts on 27th of each month and ends on the 26th, have been to Mr.S, MT, and Farmf--ds and spent £ 91.00, hopefully I have covered all the bases. Very impressed with milk at 2for £3.00 my DH is drinking gallons at the moment, have had to drastically alter our food budget as he has been diagnosed with cancer and as he has been very ill before they found out what was wrong with him, we have lost a full time wage for the time being. But you are all so helpful I'm sure I will manage.

    DD is finding it tough, used to brand names and usually what she wanted to eat, has been a bit of an eye opener for her.

    I am making Braised Faggots and Onion Gravy for tonight, looks ok, we will see what it tastes like !!! DD has already said " I'm not eating that ", looks like she might be hungry tonight.!!!
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    very nice assistant in farmfoods told me that they accept their own money off coupons even when out of date. we get a big advert sheet with the free papers that has 4 coupons on usually 2x£2.50 off a £25 spend and 2x£5 off a £50 not sure if thats any help to others who shop there. i go mainly for the veggie stuff linda mc 6 pack veggie sausages are £1.89 in morrys but only £1 in farmfoods:T (iceland sell them for £1 but their boxes only have 5 sausages in;))
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    Please can I be put down for £320 for March? I've given up trying to get it down to £300. We always go over and make it up from the general spending allowance, so if we're spending it anyway and it's not making us go overdrawn, I might as well include it in the budget and feel better about it!

    Just did my first shop of the month at the local Co-op and got an amazing haul! £14.45 and all but 5 items were reduced, and most of them had at least one more day before their Best Before too!

    Penguins pack 69p (£1.38)
    Fusilli 50p (£1)
    Chicken fillets £1.75 (£5.00!!!)
    Beef meatballs £1.55 (£2.00)
    700g frying steak £2.75 (£4.00)
    Savoy cabbage 59p (85p)
    3 garlic bulbs 69p (£1)
    Low fat garlic baguette 20p (50p)
    Hot cross buns 65p (£1)

    Saved myself basically a third off full price, overall!

    Oh, and I seem to have got a big squeezy ketchup (which I got because it was 50% extra free) for nothing... Oops!
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    DH picked up some eggs this morning, but hasn't told me how much they were yet, so can't start my total running just yet. We have enough bread and milk to get to Wednesday at least, and while I've not properly stock-taken, the freezer seems full too, so I'm going to do a storecupboard challenge this week and try not to spend much at all.

    I have an Asda delivery booked for a week Wednesday to take advantage of the 4for£3 deal (and others) and get some bits for DS3s 4th Birthday the next weekend - if I get the order right, it should be the only big shop I need this month.

    Having come in so well under budget last month I have high hopes for this :D
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    £120 budget for me this month please

    Already spent £20.67 on the first day so I think this month is going to be harder than last

    Saying that though aldi have 5kg of pots for 49p which i thought was a fab price.
    Will only have to buy milk I hope for the rest of the week and maybe some whoopsies if I ever see any ever again!! (think my locals have cottoned on to it :()
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    I'd like to join & give this a go for the first time please, will start off with my existing budget of £40 a week, so £200 for the month as it's a 5 week month for us. Normally I'm within budget easily with plenty to spare but I've just joined Slimming World & am finding it a lot harder now! Diet food costs money so it seems.
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    Could you put me down for £400 again this month. Hopefully this month I will be in budget. Feb over by £20.00, need to do better this month.
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