March 2010 Grocery Challenge

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    cw18 wrote: »
    Many thanks to all who help with the running of this challenge :T

    Here here!:beer:
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    hi,please can i be put down for march £350.i have notice that i am not on this list this time :-(
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    Good Morning,

    Thanks to the usual suspects for this shiny new thread - I just hope can get a grip in March cos I haven't been doing a much as I could (having OH at home all day doesn't help, though he tries to be good about snacks).

    Onwards and upwards I think......
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    Morning all
    Can you put me down for £110 for march please
    Not looking forward to my food budget this month, 1 its tighter than normal and it's a slightly longer month and 2 OH is on his hols meaning more food being consumed:o. Not that he's a pig just a constant snacker, i'll have to 'find' some jobs for him to do to keep him occupied;)
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    for the past three months since before Christmas I have taken my eye of the ball so things have slipped a bit and finances have suffered.I am going to do two challenges this month, the grocery challenge and I want to eat healthy and start to loss weight, I need to loss about five stones, by doing the grocery challenge and cooking from scratch I should cut out all the rubbish food I eat thus loss weight so can you put me down for £250.00

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    Good Morning everyone, and welcome to a brand new month of saving our hard earned cash,and happy St Davids Day to all our Welsh chums.I love a new month, and before me stretches a new challenge over the next 31 days.I have declared at £120 for March, and was well within this in February I am happy to say.So its turning out the cupboards and freezer this week and making new menus to use up all the bits that I can.I seem to have a large stash of sardines in one of my cupboards ( a friend gave me 9 tins plus 9 tins of pichards,I think she was just having a declutter too) that I am determined to work down this month so any ideas or recipes would be welcome.
    Cheers Chum onwards and upwards
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    Morning everyone

    Please put me down for £160 again:o I will get there!

    If i can just keep OH out of the shops:D

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    Can I join please. This is the first month I have done any challenges.

    Can I start with £400 I will hopefully go under this but it is what I usually spend when I am not being more careful, plus have a couple of birthdays this month.

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  • I would like to go for £300 this month please

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    ok i spent £110 on my weekly shop, but that included easter eggs and dishwasher tablets that were on special
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