March 2010 Grocery Challenge

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  • Good evening everyone,

    yahoooo a lovely shiny new thread and did I actually make it on to page one. I can't believe it.:j:j

    Good luck everyone.
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  • Please you put me down for £280 this month MrsM?

    I'm going to continue doing small and medium shops. Doing 1 big shop doesn't work for me. I think I have to go shopping 2 or 3 times a week to get my "fix" :o and if I do a big shop I always end up nipping out to get something even if the cupboards and fridge are bursting! So whilst I'm a bit unsettled that the fridge is a bit empty :o, I'm going to carry on walking to the shop and only shopping for what I need and therefore can carry (and push DS in his buggy).

    I almost feel that I need to say at this point, "My name is Girl least likely to and I'm a shopaholic" :rotfl::rotfl::rotfl:

    Somehow I think I'm not the only one on this thread ;)

    Good luck in March everyone, enjoy your shiny new budgets :D
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    Ooh, jolly good, new challenge while I`ve got my challenge trousers still on from the February one.

    Could I please set a challenge of £400 for March?

    I seem to have spent quite large sums in February as stuff ran out, so hopefully I am slightly better stocked this month. And I`ve started well, as when the Tesco man delivered this morning, I refused the 3 Kingsmill loaves as I`d wanted Hovis, which were on special offer; he then suggested he`d do the Kingsmill for the same price as the Hovis so I said, oh thanks very much; and he then pressed the wrong button so I got them for free! Thank you very much indeed, nice Mr Tesco man. :D

    And thanks to all of you stars who set the new thread up. You are brilliant! :T
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    Can you put Loopychriss down for £250 this month please.

    Although I've been well under budget for both January and February, March brings lots of opportunities for overspending on groceries, i.e. Mother's Day, visitors on the 20th, grandson's birthday and hubby's birthday. So rather than exceed my normal budget of £200, I'll up it by £50 to cover any possible extras.
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  • Ok I really need to do this challenge this month and actually stick to it and see it to the end! DMP starts next month so budget set by them (in effect). Please can you put me down for 318 for March? This is for food, toiletries and cleaning products for 2 adults and 1 child (including nappies!). Fankoo
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  • I'm with you on that one 'girl least likely to'.
    Though this month is the first time in a long time that I have my OH totally on board.
    He still wont budge on certain brands which is fair enough but is very open to make meals out of what we have in, which is great.
    I'm trying very hard to kerb my shopping addiction and I did loads better the last week in Feb but still managed to go over by just under 10 pounds.
    We have started a spending diary as everything we have coming in is budgeted for so over spending in the next couple of months is just not an option.
    On the plus side we have enough branded (one of the things OH wont budge on) coffee for 3 months, enough goodies for the kids afters for 2-3 weeks also stocked up on cous cous, rice and have 4ltrs of salsa i managed to pick up last month for 1 pound.
    Dad has a huge allotment which he has given me a share of and we are looking into getting some chickens hopefully rescued or ex battery, I doubt that this will help with march's challenge but maybe start to make a big difference June onwards.
    Downside at the moment is that because we have been trying to live out of the cupboards and freezer the last couple of weeks and had lots of visitors that stayed here we are running out of protein fast so will need to stock up on meat and fish this month.
    Sorry for rambling on but excited at the prospect of trying to stay in budget this month for a change.
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  • Wow do I get in on the first page???? well last month was dire so....

    Can I try £300 again for this month please!!

    Thank you very much for all this trawling through posts and putting up totals/targets etc.

    Much appreciated,

  • Please can you put me down for£300 for March , I still have to tot things up for February but will do that over on the correct thread !
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    Just Raided the Freezer , not a lot in it , (as have been using what I have in lately

    Large fish Smoked I think, so fish pie
    Some Steak and Kidney so Steak and Kidney Pie
    Minced Quorn (not keen on so will add to Spag Bol to Bulk out).

    Im off tomorrow to Fruit and Veg Wholesaler to buy large tray of toms(for spag bol) and Sack of Pots .

    Then to Butchers for meat, me thinks I will be very Busy tomorrow shopping and cooking and this was supposed to be a holiday from work ?

    Is 250 reasonable amount for family of 4 ? , Im not sure what I normally spend as every month normally differs and our family are known for liking a takeaway or two , so its hard to gauge if Im being over optimistic
    but I kind of just followed what other people have on ,sort of average
    Im wanting to include toiletries in this spend also
    Debt 25,000 /0.00 Paid off before I found this site .Lightbulb moment ,being refused consolidation loan .Took 4 yrs :T
    Mortgage 66,000/56,000
    Emergency Fund 2.00
    March Grocery Challenge 250/420. April 375.00 :)
    3 Adults , 1 teenager 1 dog ,toiletries cleaning stuff.:rotfl::rotfl:
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    Good morning. Huge thanks to Pink, Mrs Macawber & Rosieben for keeping the thread running nicely along :T :A

    Just updating with my first March spends which DH has already been out for this morning - milk & dog food at £2.20. I thought I had some uht milk in the pantry to tide us over but I didn't. It's on this weeks shopping list though.

    Good luck to everyone this month :)
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