£299.92 laptop at Tesco

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In the new back to school leaflet is the following.

Acer Travelmate wireless widescreen laptop

intel celeron 380
256 mb ram
40gb hard drive
Dvd re-writer
15.4 inch screen

Sent the wife up to our local store(I do hate shopping) None in yet but are due in.
Bargain or what?
:confused:I have nothing better to do!!!!:confused:


  • yeah I was looking at this and also thought wow bargin, but then I thought some more and actually started to think it wasnt that great. Initially its worth considering 256mb ram isnt really acceptable, especially in a potentially hard to upgrade later laptop. XP will seem laboured and Vista, should you upgrade will barely run. I guess this will be down to your needs though, if you want a £300 email/web surfing tool then I spose it will do.

    I also find that actually large PC retailers give better value for money, I did some comparisons and found that laptops can be had for bargin prices all over the place these days and the Acer's short comings started to show through.

    A fair deal? Yes. A rush out and buy a laptop I didnt really want deal? No. Check out what dell and dabs are offering...
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    doesn't sound a good deal esp as most are coming down now since dual core tech intro.
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  • I know it could just be that you've not listed it, but does it state it comes with windows?

    It's not bad, I have seen better.

    Dell currently so some sub £400 laptops that are more robust, but as for Vista, I don't think you could really expect anything below £700 to be running it very smoothly when it's released.
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    It should be possible to upgrade the memory to 512mb for about £35. Assuming I have the correct Travelmate. Tesco didnt know themselves which model they were selling. It makes me laugh that the press desk and the dept that wrote the leaflet don't know :confused:
    At £327 its not too bad a deal?
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    I think it's a great offer, especially since it has a dvd writer. I challenge anyone to find the same or better spec for the same price.

    The RAM can be upgraded easily and cheaply making it a perfectly happy XP machine.

    There's no way on earth anything even remotely close to this price would ever run Vista at a decent rate, so this isn't a compelling reason not to buy.

    It all comes down to what you're after. As a portable machine to use around the house and away on hols it's perfect. As a Vista ready gaming rig? Not a chance.
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  • for a basic typing light internet use etc this is a great deal. for someone who will want the new windows platform or will want to do a lot of downloading and running multipal programs then maybe give it a miss as stated 256 is not a lot of ram however yes cheap upgrades are possible but this is not an easy task and you could end up paying extra for a professinal to do it. also 40 gig hard disk 4 sum 1 who says has a lot of itunes music will fill up very quickly. so something to think about there. like i say if u want a basic laptop then sure its a good buy. if u want something which u wish to keep 4 a while and upgrade etc prob best looking else where
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  • also one more point does it come with windows? thats an extra 90 squid if it doesn't
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  • nejnej Forumite
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    And does it definately come with some form of wireless? Is it built-in, or on a PCMCIA card or a USB stick?
  • jockettukjockettuk Forumite
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    nej wrote:
    And does it definately come with some form of wireless? Is it built-in, or on a PCMCIA card or a USB stick?

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    anyone who buys a laptop from tesco will not be a heavy user.

    they are there for an impluse purchase.. oo look, theres a laptop from under three hundred notes, wouldnt that be good.

    however, after staff discount, this could be useful for me. id get it for 270 PLUS i have about 20 quid in clubcard vouchers lyng around.

    The only reason why i would be useful for me is that as a student it would be good for having Office which would mean that should i deciede to travel on the train each day, a minium of two hours per day, i could do assignment work,

    then when i comes to May and i have finsihed my course i could sell it for 50- 100 quid to some other student for the same purpose.

    also with regards to vista, maybe im alone in saying this. but i dont like upgraing old computers with a new OS. perpahps six months after the launch i would buy a new PC, ,this would allow the value of the new PCs to drop, as well having giving microsoft a few months to iron out any bugs in the s/w
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