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Report Bank Charges successes and failures

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  • Confirmed today £1892 back from RBS for my hardship claim. Asked for £2k including statutory 8% so well pleased with the result
  • orc_2orc_2 Forumite
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    According to previous posts, Bretheren's claim was hardship re bank charges with Royal Bank of Scotland.

    Good result!:)
    Please ignore those people who post on this forum who deliberately try to misinform you. Don't be bullied by them, don't be blamed by them. You know who I mean.
    You come here for advice, help and support- thats what I and like minded others will try to do.
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    I sent the template letter using financial hardship argument, but and I added few extra things with the letter. I included my student letter from university confirming my attendance, and guess wot? I got asked for £ 195 and got 150 back within 5 days from abbey whooo! So this is a awesome news for students, just get confirmation letter from your university or collage and attach with the template and will get you money back .:beer::T:eek:
  • I am in shock - in 2007 I started a bank charge claim against NatWest for my daughter who had been charged nearly every month for going a couple of quid overdrawn - it has taken 2 years, but by using the templates from this site and threatening them with the Ombudsmen, my daughter received a letter stating they would pay £3195. Over the moon, especially as we only asked for £2500 back, can't thank Martin enough, as I am sure without his knowledge and expertise, I would have given up, it is a long process, but definately worth seeing through.
  • a bit of advice needed i started reclaiming when this all first came out, and after alot of hassel i got £1000 back of £1900 owed to me i then tried to reclaim the rest sent the letter asked for a rely within 14 day still nothing so i rang them today 17 days from when i sent the letter and they said there is no way i can get the charges back as it has been finalised in court sould i belive this or wait for the letter then still argue it if its a negative response?
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    Hi all.
    hope you like this. as most people here i started via the templates and made a claim which cost £120 for a return of around £5000 which was £3700 plus interest. i got to court but was never heard as the stay came.
    the bank in question is lloyds tsb, a truly awful bank. I have a detailed file of all letters sent and received and it’s unbelievable how stupid the replies were. never once accepting what I was actually trying to do just saying "sorry you are not happy with our service" etc. amazing as I had stopped banking with them. however to the crunch. I have received nothing and know I never will. this case even went to hardship (ignored) and then to the ombudsman. get ready for this, they stuck up for lloyds tsb!!!!!!!!!!
    all in all a nasty experience. left me out of pocket and unduly stressed. wished I had never bothered and, with apologies to those who have benefitted I will never trust martins advice again. in 2007 this was as good as a sure thing, remember?
    realise now house of lords and banks all in each others pockets, after all if a mass payout was needed a fresh bail out would have been called for again angering the tax paying public even more. should have known better. well done to all you successful dudes though.

    reclaiming charges has never been a ''sure thing''.
  • ok sorry. not a sure thing. however, people reading the website or listening to the jeremy vine show would be told the charging system was unfair and illegal so get claiming now and read about how succesful some people have been. oh and i am very bitter and unreasonable at this time
  • lol of course, taking your claim through the ombudsman you shouldnt be heavily out of pocket with regards to making your complaint or your claim. There are many people who took claims through the courts who are now withdrawing to lose court fees which can be as much as £400. Back in early / mid 2006 then yes this might have been a 'sure thing', maybe even up to July 2007 - but since the investigations and test case began and the waiver was set in place it has been a 100% gamble on the outcome of the test case going the way of the consumer.
  • Oh and you will have been turned down for hardship as you have stopped baning with them, hardship doesnt mean a refund necessarily, it can mean things like a holdof charges and interest, changing you to a basic account etc....which if you no longer bank with them, they can't do.

    If you feel the bank treated you utterly unfairly in the past (ie at the time they were charging you) then you can look again at appealing to the FOS without knowing your circumstances or anything tho it is impossible to say how successful that may be.
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