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Hi All
I thought i'd grace you all with my vast wisdom  ;) on the area of internet security. It is a good money saving tip if you can avoid those nasty dialers, cut down on stupid ads and basically enjoy the freedom of the internet and its fruits (such as this site)

There are 4 main programs you need for complete security and peace of mind.

1:- A Firewall
I use Kerio ( as its free for home use and doesn't contain loads of spyware like ZoneAlarm. Windows XP firewall is no good DO NOT rely on it you have been warned

2:- A trojan/Dialer/Spyware Detector
I use Spybot ( for this. It's a little more advanced than just a dector it actually can activly prevent malicious scripts from running on web pages and much more.

3:- A virus Checker
Sound obvious i know but worth having. I use Grisoft ( as its free and easy to use with regular updates.

4:- An Ad scanner
Lots of programs have hidden adware/spyware which can be annoying to say the least. You can remove the ads by using a program like Ad-Aware ( This is a lot like Spy bot and between them NOTHING gets left behind.

All the programs i use are FREE and if you keep them up to date you will never have a problem. The advice is offered free of charge and in good faith, i accept no responcibility for the programs themselves and am in no way connected with any of them

Hope this helps

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  • trafalgar_2
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    Interesting reading
    Cheers ;D
  • MSE_Martin
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    Yes very interesting - i think i shall 'tip-it' after easter
    Martin Lewis, Money Saving Expert.
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  • debeast
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    oooh my First Tip placing :o

    Thank you very much :)
    I'd like to thank my agent, my parents, my wife, and the magic donkey.

    On a more serious note if you need any help with these apps then drop me a PM

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  • Another program to add to this is


    This is freeware, and will protect
    Internet Explorer
    Mozilla Firefox/Bird

    from dodgy diallers, bad cookies and other nasty stuff.
    The good thing is it doesn't take up any system resources, you can run it, set protection and then forget it. You do need to update the definitions on it though (simple).

    As debeast said, it is IMPERITIVE that you keep all these programs up to date.
    Maybe set a reminder in your calendar each week to check them.

    Especially with the virus scanner, I would recommend having it download the updates automatically.

    Windows Update

    You should also visit this page every week to make sure you have the latest critical microsoft patches, which can provide a strong defence against new viruses, trojans and worms.
    On that page, you can also set up automatic updates (set it and forget it) which is recommended.

    Incidentally, Windows XP Service Pack 2 (which is officially released soon, on beta at the moment) has automatic updates set as default.
  • Fran
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    Debeast -

    I currently use Zonealarm (which is fine) but reading about Kerio I am interested in changing to that. However, they state it is more complicated than Zonealarm. The stuff they talk about on the website is beyond my knowledge - do you think Kerio is only suitable for advanced users or would I be able to work it out with some limited knowledge?

    Also, if I decide to change, can I install it before removing Zonealarm or would I have to uninstall it first?
    Torgwen.......... :) ...........
  • sra
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    I was looking for months for the best free protection

    I started with ad-aware
    then spybot
    then spywareblaster
    then Grisoft (AVG)

    AbsoluteShield (does very little but means you can delete cookies from a toolbar button)

    Now I'll try Kerio

    It took ages of searching to find good stuff without spyware and since I'm seeing these names over and over again I'm pleased I seem to have got the best

    p.s. when I looked on the AOL page about spyware even they recomend ad-aware
  • raeble
    raeble Posts: 911 Forumite
    1:- A Firewall
    I use Kerio ( as its free for home use and doesn't contain loads of spyware like ZoneAlarm. Windows XP firewall is no good DO NOT rely on it you have been warned
    Where did you hear that Zone Alarm was full of spyware?

    If you want to stop pop ups you need to change your browser. I currently use mozilla. I don't get any pop ups at all. It's much more secure than IE, it is also regularly updated so you need to keep checking. Also look at Opera
  • debeast
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    Hi All

    Kerio is for more advanced users but it is by no means too complicated.

    After the first install a lot of different programs will ask for access to the internet and other programs will need to be given access to each other, but it is all done by pop up s and is quite simple.

    One golden rule is:
    If in doubt just click No on kerios pop up, and if your program doesn't work then click it again and click yes on kerio's pop up

    I heard via about zone alarm and it does seems to be bloated up with modules that are doing something to the packets other than filtering them.

    BTW the astalavista link is a hackers link and MAY contain pornographic pop-ups so you have been warned. It also happens to be a very good place to get security advice

    Hope that helps
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  • Once you have your Firewall installed I recommend using the following site to test it

    It gives you great advice on if your Firewall is protecting your PC correctly and what you can do to address any issues raised, also has some good links to other utilities for protection.

    I would also recommend using an Internet Eraser tool to ensure that any traces of your browsing are removed and not able to be accessed the next time you browse the Web, this deletes Cookies, Information you fill in on forms, etc and stops them being read by other sites. I use advanced Internet Eraser but if anyone has other suggestions I am all ears!!
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  • Try for a list of free fire walls etc with ratings.

    I also use Kerio, all be it an older version which has a slightly different range of facilities which are no longer in the "free" version.
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