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    I stand corrected; for once you are quite correct...............However, I always err on the side of caution when there is bubstantial negative feedback and very little positive about an organisation.

    Very sensible stance to take and for once I agree with you. :beer:
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    has anyone used money4mymobile

    any feedback appreciated
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  • I sent an old phone to a while ago and got points credited to my advantage card - not as much as the top payers admittedly but definitely worth more than the lowest payers - worth adding to your comparison site maybe?
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    It's worth looking at the Car Phone Warehouse trade in page as well.

    I'm looking to trade in my iPhone when the new one comes out and CPW is £12 more than the top cash amount from the others.

    You need to know your phone's IMEI number (get it by dialing *#06# on your handset) and follow the options.

    The website is:
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    just looked at tesco mobile trading in an SE X1, the valuer says tesco offer £85 but on the site its only £65 or £66
    Yes Your Dukeiness :D
  • I have a broken lg chocolate and they will give you £22 for it thats very good and i have lg viewty both have same fault that they wont charge as the port you plug into your phone is broke though they only give me £8 for broken nokia 6680 though i did ask them what if they find one of the phones has water damage as they dont take them and wont give your phone back ???
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    I am tempted to use one of these companies to get rid of a brand new replacement iPhone, If they did mess about legally could I block the phone IE say its lost?
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    this is another site that seems to offer more money for old mobiles :j
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    Website isn't working for me. I pick the phone company from the drop down list and nothing happens and there isn't a search button. How is the site supposed to work?

    Similar to me.
    I put in my phone make and then the model number and then nothing comes up.
    Is there something I did wrong?
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  • I used the mobilevaluer and the phonerecyclebank was the best price. I registered and received the envelope within 2 days. Posted my phone back and haven't heard a single thing for a month. They have ignored 3 emails and none of the numbers on the website work.

    My questions are :
    Has anyone else had any problems with this company?

    Are they regulated by anyone that I could complain too?

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