Should Ricky kick off about pocketed cash?

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Here's this week's hypothetical situation for you to cogitate on:
Should Ricky complain?

This one's based on a true tale... Ricky's in his local Sainsbury's at the self service check out, which was empty when he arrived. After buying his goods, he realises there's a tenner change not picked up by the previous customer. He hands the money in, but as he's leaving sees the shop worker put the cash in his pocket. Should he go back and complain?
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  • Well, this happened to me once; I handed in a fiver at Tesco which was left in the tray of a self service machine, saw the SA pocket it and not make any effort to pass it on. I didn't do anything other than resolve to keep the money if I ever found any there again.
  • Yes he should say something.

    Once upon a time (in a rush - DD moaning, DH needed picking up and 3 dogs needed walking) forgot to pick up the change (£5) realised when I got to the door - went back to the till and was grilled, reciept checked, made to feel I was trying to con them out of £5.

    DH on other hand says no - its a horrble job anyway and they rarely get thanks.
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  • Pete*G_4
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    I'd go up to the shop assistant, say I saw them pocket it, and that no doubt the CCTV did as well. In exchange for keeping schtum, I'd expect half of the money, which I'd then put into the charity box at the customer service desk.
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  • scotsbob
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    I would go to the assistant and say "On second thoughts I will hand it in to the customer service desk."

    From the customer service desk he asks for a receipt.

  • jamespir
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    yes because its theft
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  • scotsbob wrote: »
    I would go to the assistant and say "On second thoughts I will hand it in to the customer service desk."

    From the customer service desk he asks for a receipt.
    I love this idea and must remember it in case I'm ever in that position. Thanks
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  • I work for Sainsbury's and i'm sure none of my colleagues would ever do this!
    But yeah, i would complain, and hand it into the Customer Service Desk, you can claim the cash if no-one collects it after 2 months, or it'll go to charity :)
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    What an idiot, he should have kept it himself.
  • I would complain.
    I worked in Tesco over the summer last year as a security guard and would always take any money I was given to the customer service desk and fill in the "found property" book, as would anybody else manning the self service tills (unless they gave it to me to take over). I did however hear of one of the agency security guards pocketing the money he was given.
    It is technically stealing, and I think any unclaimed money is donated to charity. At Tesco, if you hand the money into the customer service desk yourself and have them fill the "found property" book out, get them to give you one of the carbon copy pages. If the money hasn't been claimed within 28 days I believe you can ask for it on production of the page. Unfortunately staff aren't able to claim anything they've found (in case they drop money from their till and "find" it).
  • The store employee had a decision to make, either to leave the money where it was and it surely wouldn't remain there for long, hand it in to his or her supervisor or keep it. I would do nothing, the employee could have been exercising either of the last two options, in any case it would be impossible to trace the original owner so it is a case of "finders keepers".
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