MONEY MORAL DILEMMA. Should Serena pay twice for Blair?

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  • Lets put it this way..if Serena had over eaten she would of had to replace or alter her wedding gown!
    It's no different for Blair.
    The bride may want her maids to dress a certain way, it is after all her big day..but Blair agreed to this, so for her to then not be careful or thoughtful enough on holiday with her eating habits makes it her fault.
    So she should buy another dress or appologise and duck out of the preceedings.
    Maybe some of the brides other aquaintaces could fill the role instead and be willing to pay for the privilege.
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  • I think it's more a case of does Serena want a fat bridesmaid on her wedding photographs. If so, Blair has got to pay for a new dress out of her food money.
  • It's a no brainer. Dump the fat, thoughtless and inconsiderate (not so much of a) friend and ask someone else. But to answer the question - "NO! The bride should not pay twice".
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    No way should she pay for another dress the greedy sod should have watched what she was eating,or maybe kidnap Blair and put her on a bread and water diet for 2 weeks:D
    :A :shocked::shocked: :A
  • Where's the dilemma? I think a formal complaint should be raised to partner to the rip-offs rip-off complaint.
  • Let's face it; fatties are already costing us ALL a fortune, via NHS treatment.:rolleyes:
    Also, what a really bad way to let your friend down on their wedding day.:embarasse
    MAKE HER PAY FOR HER OWN DRESS IF SHE CAN'T EXERCISE ANY SELF CONTROL! Fight back against expensive fatties!:D
    Nothing is foolproof, as fools are so ingenious! :D
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    Blair should definitely pay for the 2nd dress. It is an honour to be a bidesmaid and expensive and stressful enough for the bride to dress them - without having to pay to do so twice over!

    Serena bought Blair a dress that fitted her - Blair pigged out on holiday, knowing she was coming back to fulfill a role in a special outfit. Her actions were irresponsible and, if she still wants to be a bridesmaid, she should be the one to pay to get a second dress to wear.

    My maid of honour (a large lady) wouldn't let anyone measure her but insisted she was a size Large. I could see she was obviously bigger than this, so (unbeknown to her) I ordered her dress in a size 2XL. When it came, the zip would not meet with a gap of 6 inches! The dress could not be let out, so I then had to order a 2nd dress in size 4XL (with her complaining bitterly that 3XL would be enough as she would lose weight). The 4XL did fit her and, come the week before the wedding, only the length needed adjusting. Unfortunately, because the 2nd dress had been made at a different time to the other bridesmaids' dresses, the colour was slightly different to them too, so I was none too pleased. But at least my maid of honour offered to pay for both of the dresses (after all she would be keeping them both and could wear one of them at least on another occasion). I felt it was the right thing to do and accepted her offer.

    So I think that Blair should have apologised profusely for adding to Serena's stress and causing hassle and also should have offered to pay for a 2nd dress the minute it became obvious that another would be needed.
  • I can see your point tim but surely Blair wasn't exactly taking serenas feelings into consideration and as for being embarrassed, shouldn't she be more so about messing up her friends big day and get a new dress herself with no quibble!
  • It's not Serena's fault Blair put on weight. Therefore Blair should pay for it, or wear something else.
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    Maybe it's just me, but the following occurs:

    1 - you don't rely on unreliable people - if you do then you've only got yourself to blame

    2 - you don't allow somebody to spend money on you and then not live up to your side of the bargain, otherwise they're out of pocket and you owe them that cost.

    So my verdict - unless Blair acted totally out of character, they're both as thick as each other. Perhaps they should go halves. Or alternatively find a more reliable friend who will more or less fit into the dress. The advantage of finding another friend is that you won't have to spend so much on food at the reception as it sounds like Blair is eating for quintuplets if she's putting on weight at that rate.

    In fact here's an alternative. Serena could offer to buy her a maternity dress and ask when the baby is due.
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