MONEY MORAL DILEMMA. Should Serena pay twice for Blair?

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Here's this week's hypothetical situation for you to cogitate on:
Should Serena pay twice for Blair?

Serena's getting hitched, and asks her friend Blair to be a bridesmaid. The frocks are all picked out and paid for. Yet two weeks before the big day, Blair goes on holiday and eats so much, she puts on a stone. Blair can’t squeeze into her outfit anymore, and the dress’s structure means it can’t be taken out. They need to buy a new dress, but Serena thinks Blair should pay for it.
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  • scotsbobscotsbob Forumite
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    Blair is already giving her time free to be Serena's maid for a day, she shouldn't be out of pocket as well.

    If Serena wants her friend to dress a particular way then she foots the bill.

  • RuthnJasperRuthnJasper Forumite
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    (Having been bridesmaid before), I would say definitely, absolutely not. Serena has more than enough to pay for and to worry about at this stage of the procedings. Blair is at fault here, as she overate (quite a lot, by the sounds of it) KNOWING that she had been measured up and the dress had been purchased. Blair must therefore stump up for the extra dress.

    It would be different if Serena had asked Blair to do the honours post-holiday, for example, to fill in if someone had dropped out or as a surprise. Or maybe if Blair had fallen unexpectedly pregnant, they could have split the cost of a suitable new gown. But none of these alternatives are the case here. Blair should have been more careful, knowing she had already committed her friend to the expense of a dress. (I'd have been careful anyway, bearing in mind all the lovely and fun young chaps that usually come to a wedding, hehehe...).

    And, if Blair was a true friend, she would not expect her friend to shell out for a SECOND dress just because she couldn't resist saying "Yes actually I WILL have that 87th helping of paella, Miguel.".
  • She must have been shovelling it down to gain a stone!!! If I was Serena I would not buy her another dress. I would tell her to go and buy a new dress or book an appointment for liposuction. Failing that I would just choose another bridesmaid or just be one short. Greedy cow!!!
  • I definitely don't think Serena should have to buy another dress! She should see if she still has the receipt and take it to the shop to swap it for a bigger size. If she can't exchange it then she should either ask Blair to pay for a new one and sell the old one on ebay later (then use the money to reimburse Blair for the cost of the dress - she probably wouldn't get that much for it, but that's not Serena's fault) or find someone else to be a bridesmaid who can fit in it :)
  • This is an easy one to answer. Blair went on holiday and chose to eat a lot knowing full well she had a 'fitted' dress to wear in two weeks time. Serena should not have to make up for Blair's lapse of judgement. Secondly, if Blair really didn't want to attend Serena's wedding, why didn't she just decline in the first place and save Serena the, now, much needed cash.
  • Gavin83Gavin83 Forumite
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    If I was Serena's position, I would politely tell her that she is no longer able to be the bridesmaid due to the issue. Similarly, if I was in Blair's position and Serena asked me to buy my own dress, I'd refuse to be the bridesmaid as previously planned.

    I can see both sides of the argument here, and while it's Blairs fault I don't see why the bridesmaid should have to foot the bill for the dress in any wedding.
  • junojuno Forumite
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    I put my diet on hold coz I was my sister's bridesmaid and had to fit in my dress
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    100% paid off :j

  • If someone is nice enough to ask you to be bridesmaid then you should be gracious enough not to gorge yourself on holiday! Blair should offer to pay for the dress and ask Serena to sell the other one (or do it for her) and ask if she can put the money towards the replacement!

    Either that or survive on nothing but soup and yogurt for two weeks then she'd lose the stone she put on LOL ;)
  • shellsuitshellsuit Forumite
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    No, she shouldn't pay twice.

    Greedy piggy wig Blair should put her hand in her pocket and buy another dress.
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  • Get your hands in your pockets Blair and stump up your money on a new frock!
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