MONEY MORAL DILEMMA. Should Serena pay twice for Blair?

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  • If it was me I would be so embarrassed to have put on all that weight that I would try to get the new dress myself without telling the bride!
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    A stone in 2 weeks?? If it was a couple of pounds or something it could easily be taken as a bit of an oversight, but to put on that much weight in that amount of time she must've been consciously shovelling it down at a phenomenal rate. With that level of neglect, knowing she'd had a dress bought for her, it's hard luck IMO. She'll have to buy another herself, besides she'll need a load of new clothes anyway after piling on that much.
  • Who wants a fat bridesmaid ruining the pics! No Pay and dump her.
  • So this is the person who always got to the buffet before me on hols!!! How do they know that she no longer fits into the dress??? If she doesn't, dump her, the inconsiderate ***** would probably eat all the pies at the reception.

    Why didn't my daughter have all you lovely people when she got married?? I had to pay for 6 bridesmaids, it was originally a spring wedding brought forward to January, so it was an extra dash for 6 fur wraps and a full length cape for the bride and all bought before January sales as I had to make sure that I could get the same for everyone!!! Guess what I'm saying is that planning a wedding or similar, you expect curve balls and act accordingly to keep everything going smoothly.
  • There is so much awkwardness, blame and unnecessary stress in this situation. If I ever get married I'd like my bridesmaids to choose their own appropriate dresses. That way, everyone feels comfortable, and I can actually spend time with people I know and love rather than people who feel, guilty, self-conscious or pressurised.

    Although I do not agree with over-indulgence to the point of putting on a lot of weight, I'd never judge my friends for doing so. She was on holiday, and why should the bride have the right to dictate to her friends what they should and shouldn't do on holiday. Why are people so uptight!

    Buying a new dress is a waste of money, so Blair should offer to sell the dress (or return it to the shop), to pay for another size.
  • I think Blair is trying to tell Serena that she changed her mind about being a bridesmaid. The only other reason she would do such a thing is if her holiday was in Japan and she wanted to take part in the Sumo championships.
    Try saying "I have under-a-pound in my wallet" and listen to people react!
  • Blair should buy a corset or Serena should select another friend who does fit the dress.

  • What a shame for a bride to be. Extra worry & expense at an already v expensive time. It's as bad as peeps saying they'll go to the wedding and not turning up.Wasting peeps time and money for caterers etc. Nope. Blair was greedy and incredibly inconsiderate and should either pay, lose the blubber pdq or step aside for another maid to have the honour.
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    The bridesmaid should buy another dress. What a piggy!!!!
  • The bridesmaid buys the dress. And stands at the back in the pictures!
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