MONEY MORAL DILEMMA. Should Serena pay twice for Blair?

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    If she's greedy enough to put on a stone in such a short space of time without thinking I'd replace her with someone that can fit into the dress. Besides who wants some bloater bridesmaid spoiling their wedding pics.
  • I own a bridal shop and putting on weight or loosing weight for bridesmainds is one of the most commons upsets a bride has to deal with, I personally think that as the Bridesmaid was there when she got measured for the dress and knew what size she had to be to get into the dresss it is now her resposability to stay at that weight and therefore if she looses weight or pits on weight dramatically then a new dresss is her responsability and that is if they can order a new one as usually it takes up to 3 ,months to arrive !! I would suggest if possible a new one is ordered the Bridesmaid pays for it and the bride sells the other one to try and re coup some money and gives that to the bridesmaid as a gesture of good will !!
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    This is such a theoretical question. I don't know any females who would be this stupid. You know you're gonna be a bridesmaid, the dress is sorted ages beforehand, you do whatever is necessary to make sure you fit in the dress on the day. No way do you put on a stone on holiday the week before! :eek: Stupid question.
  • I think Blair should simply pay for a new one. Serena would surely be devastated that her 'friend' thinks so little of her to have such a massive blowout when she knows theres a lovely dress back home waiting for her to wear on such a special day....and hopefully she has the good grace to feel disgusted with herself too.
  • Blair should not pay for a new dress. Weddings are darn expensive unless of course money is no object to blair and she wants her friend there no matter what. If you know you have been given a special place ond honour at a friends wedding to be a bridesmaid you have an obligation too. Friendship is a two way thing. Putting on a sotone on holiday is normal but if she really wants to be a bridesmaid she should now make the effort to lose it or let blair give the sot to someone who wants it.
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    I think that Blair should pay for the dress, I agree with what others have said she agreed to be bridesmaid and she knew that she had a fitted dress to wear! Putting on a stone is a huge amount in a couple of weeks, it's not indulging it's way past that!
    I also agree that trying to sell the other dress and reimbursing Blair is a good idea.
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  • Send Blair to boot camp to lose the extra weight with plenty of running and strict dieting (and no booze) - probably do her good anyway. If that doesn't work, slash the dress down the front and make her hold a big bouquet.
  • Blair would never be caught dead in such a situation! It was probably Jenny sneaking protein powder into her food :D

    In all seriousness, though, I agree with the previous poster in that maybe a compromise can be reached, depending on the attitude of everyone involved. If I were Serena (though I'm really more of a Blair) I would most likely invite only my closest friends to be bridesmaids, so if Blair didn't care at all and acted entitled etc I might be less sympathetic. But a wedding is stressful enough so it's better to try to split the cost of a new dress rather than lose a friend/money over it. If I had been the bridesmaid I would have been mortified, apologetic but would graciously bow out of being a bridesmaid if I knew I couldn't afford a new dress.
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    I had a similar problem to this when I was a bridesmaid. My friend bought 3 bridesmaids dresses on offer from a shop two at size 14 and a 12. The 14 fit her sister perfectly, however whilst I was a size 10 I have quite big curves. This shouldn't have been a problem as these dresses were corset style, however she gave me the size 14 and the other girl, who was rather large got the 12.

    I tried the dress on and it hung off me, but couldn't be adjusted enough due to the bones. I kept telling my friend, but she was mortified about asking the other girl to swap with me. Eventually we did swap 10 months later, 2 months before the wedding. Both of us put on a bit of weight in the next month, lucky for me really, as I then fitted perfectly into the size 12 and didn't need adjustments but the other girl only just about squeezed into hers and could only eat half of the reception meal (as the dress restricted her)

    Weight with girls is always an issue. It depends how long ago it was fitted I guess, you can't expect someone to stay the same weight for months after the fitting.

    I have no idea what I would do. I guessas the bride I would ask for half, they are supposed to be your "maids" after all, supposed to makes the bride's job easier not more difficult!
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    Blair should offer to pay, Serena shouldn't even have to ask her. Blair knew she was going to be bridesmaid and it was her decision to overeat (in what sounds like a totally gluttenous manner) on holiday. By the sounds of it she should pay for a gym membership and spend the 2 weeks down there working the stone off! It would be diff if she found she was putting on weight due to an unexpected pregnancy (perhaps then they could agree to go 50/50) but in this case it's Blairs own fault and the liability falls to her
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