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Halloween goodies



  • Great thread, the two I am considering for halloween are:

    Any more suggestions gladly accepted!
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  • I made some fairy cakes (4 oz sugar, 4 oz baking marg, 4 oz flour, 2 eggs) and made a simple butter cream topping to which I had added green food colouring. I had bought a pack of plastic spiders (10 for £1 in Morrisons) and topped the cakes with this, simple, effective, yummy and cost just pence! They look too good to give away now, that's the problem :0) :rotfl:
  • unfortunatly, in our area, last year a group of children were poisoned after trick or treating:eek::eek:. the police have visited our local schools, advising children not to eat anything home made, or unwrapped.
    sad times!!
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  • jan59
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    I get a couple of bags of clementines, then get a black marker pen and draw pumpkin faces on them. Healthy option!! and the kids seem to like them.
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  • I won't allow my kids to eat anything unwrapped or homemade - I only let them go to houses in our immediate neighbourhood but by the time you get the stuff home you don't know what's come from whom. It is a sad reflection of our times I'm afraid, but I just don't think you can be too careful. Last year about half of the trick or treaters we got were menacing looking teenage boys who only wanted money. A friend of mine chased them and got her house egg and floured on a regular basis for months afterwards.

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  • floss2
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    I have to admit to buying sweeties from the supermarket, usually funsize things, and give a few to each witch/ghoul/monster that calls, including the window cleaner & his kids!

    TBH, it's the neighbours children who call, and I'd like to stay on speaking terms so h/m is probably out of the equation!
  • mrbadexample
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    Ok...things are underway. :D

    I'm starting with the muffin recipe from here, because I've tried it before and it should work. ;)

    I've substituted the hazelnuts with marshmallows, because I'm not sure if small witches eat nuts, and you can't be too careful where magic's involved. :p

    So, this is the mix:


    and these are the first 6 just about to go in the oven:

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  • hermie
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    They look delicious even raw MrBE - and good thinking about the nuts too! :)
  • mrbadexample
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    Right, these are the first 6, there's another 4 in the oven, and I'll be back in an hour or so to decorate them when they've cooled down:

    If you lend someone a tenner and never see them again, it was probably worth it.
  • Hi Mr B, long time no see.

    Your cakes are looking scrummy - bet your little witch will appreciate them. I know I would :D
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