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I have a small witch that visits me once a year :eek: , and in exchange for some goodies she makes sure I don't get any grief from witches for the rest of the year. :rolleyes:

Last year I tried to give her a nice big onion but she wasn't having any of it. :confused: The year before, I had nothing in the house. And I mean nothing. On her way back from terrorising the neighbourhood, she brought me stuff because she felt sorry for me. :o

So this year, I was thinking I might bake something - I should have enough time. Suggestions welcome - nothing too tricky please. ;)


P.S. They don't like onions, apparently. :p

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    I'm friends with many witchesand I don't know where this dont like onions thing comes from? I sense there is something you are not telling us in this post. Is it a neighbourhood child trick or treater?
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    Make fairy cakes and melt white and milk chocolate and decorate them with cobwebs on top.

    This is my first Halloween in this house and I've no idea if we'll get any visiting witches or wizards or ghosty things, I better be prepared just in case...
  • How about Mars Bar/ Rice Krispy cakes? Melt several large Mars Bars( low power in Microwave..stir every now and then), mix with Rice Krispys in a big bowl, flatten mixture into greased tin (we use a flat bottomed roasting tin or square cake tin). Melt some milk chocolate using the Microwave and pour over the top. Chill in fridge and cut into squares, wrap a couple of squares in cellophane, or make them in bun cases.

    Sorry I can't put quantities on but we just sort of keep adding the Rice Krispies till the mixture is covered but not too sloppy. You could decorate them with Jelly spiders etc.

    It's dead easy and scarily delish (Halloween puns fully intended lol)
  • Claire_Bear
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    I'd love to make some little cookies or something for our visiting scaries, but I'm not sure whether parent's would be ok with it? I've bought sweeties that are all wrapped individually because I know some people don't like the thought of unwrapped candies, I'm sure it'd probably be even worse with homemade treats. Or is it just me being paranoid?
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    im going to have a go at these but cut them in the shape of pumkins, for the local monster's.

    thank you for your cooking thread, it had hubby and me rolling when i came across it
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    lol ,try picking up the Asda mag ,they had some recipes that would keep any witch happy ;)
    Sounds to me like you have a witchy protection racket problem:eek:
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    Reverbe wrote: »
    I'm friends with many witchesand I don't know where this dont like onions thing comes from? I sense there is something you are not telling us in this post. Is it a neighbourhood child trick or treater?
    I think MrBE is joking ;)

    Like Jess I think some sort of chocolate krispie cakes would fit the bill as they are easy peasy to make and universally popular.
  • I buy big bags of coloured popcorn and fill clear plasic gloves with it then tie at the wrist with some wool.
    Toffee apples go down well too
    Or if DH is about he makes candy floss
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    ohhhh! how does he make candy floss?!
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