Ssssh... sexy new music tool... please help us test it

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    Just a big thank you for all the feedback -we've just spent two hours discussing it all and much will be adopted for the final live version.

    Many of the notes and suggestions were great - as was some of the confusion - it showed us wasn't clear enough and need to be.

    Thanks again

    We hope you prefer the final version

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    positives : easy and straight forward to use, nothing on site needed an explanation, links worked especially liked theres a way to play sample track without leaving the site

    negatives: colour palate probably more masculine (or maybe I'm a girl and I really hated the colours!), centre search box needed more space, felt crampt, would prefer drop down search menu to filter, genre, album/singles, year, artists. I wouldnt mind a layout (colurs fonts tabs) as per MSE layout

  • As this is backed by MSE, a brand I trust, I decided to try my first download. Everything seemed straightforward, I received a number of options for the track I wanted to download, I of course chose the cheapest from Tune Tribe. I was disappointed to have to subscribe to another site and give all my details, think up another password etc. then my computer flashed up a warning as I went through each page telling me that I might not be fully protected and asking me at each stage whether I wanted to proceed. Anyway, I get to the checout to purchase and the following message pops up:

    Shopping Bag

    Unfortuntaley the following products in your order are not currently available and have been removed from your basket. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused. You have not been charged for this transaction.
    Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo'ole - Somewhere Over The Rainbow/What A Wonderful World (Album Version)

    Total: £0.00

    You have no items in your bag

    Seems like a very good way to advertise your download site - come up on tune checker - get someone registered so you can pester them - then apologise because despite having made you jump though hoops they do not have the track to download - so basically when they came up with a price they lied to me.

    I realise anything new will have teething problems so I guess I will leave this MSE application to iron out the problems before I put my toe in the water again.

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