Ssssh... sexy new music tool... please help us test it

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    I very much like the idea.

    The MSE email box is far too big for the space.

    Personally, I find the colours on the main screen a little dark.

    Other than that, I found it very simple to use.

  • excellent bit of kit,

    would certainly use
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  • Really useful! A couple of songs when you click through it comes up as 'Song only available on album' though! I think it's a great idea! Really easy to use!
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    I agree there's much too much going on - too much small text and not enough space in the layout. It wasn't that obvious where to start, though it wasn't difficult once I'd started to look carefully. If I'd stumbled across this site via google I'd have given up on it as too complicated.......

    However, it does do the job and will be popular I'm sure not least as it's obviously moneysaving.

    PS I like the Amazon player.... It makes all the difference being able to play clips easily.
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  • dazzer68dazzer68 Forumite
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    love the idea, save time from trawling all the sites.
    not sure i like the dark 80's style, clean and simple would be easier on the eye. the mse box a bit large, when its up and running properly would be easier to comment as the searches are pretty limited.
    otherwise bring it on!
  • looby75looby75 Forumite
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    fab idea!

    Was easy to use and even picked up some of the more unusual suggestions for tracks from my daughter.

    It has annoyed me though because I paid over a quid more for the last album I bought than I had too lol
  • Well I've just given it a go and I'm not immiediately impressed. I searched Pink Floyd and various album titles and apparently there are only three Floyd albums available for sale on the whole internet. Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush are similarly missing in any proper quantity. No early Genesis...are there any albums actually present beyond the most recent releases? I hope it improves drastically, as otherwise it will be next to useless if you are looking for the complete ouvre of an artist. The full catalogue needs to be comprehensive if it is going to be of any use.
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  • I liked it but the front page is a bit busy.

    Also, I clicked on the Seth Lakeman album and it brought up a link to a sample track, but the sample was an Alexandra Burke song. :confused:
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  • Bit too busy on the front page for me but content good,clear and easy to use.
  • Great idea Martin! I'd definitely use this to save me trawling the net.
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