Ssssh... sexy new music tool... please help us test it

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  • As quoted above:

    TuneChecker currently searches the last five years' charts. A full catalogue due soon.

    No results found.

    Until "due soon" becomes now it's no use to me. So when is "due soon"?
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    looks good - just a few thoughts...

    • higlight the background when you select text already entered in the search box (the current change of font colour is too subtle and is difficult to see)
    • add a note somewhere to indicate that if you click on a search result then you aren't actually buying it there and then
    • if the search returns two or more apparently identical results (as it does) then add some note/text to distinguish them (?duration, perhaps)
    • some people might like to see format info like mp3/wma etc and bitrates...
    • having the little icons to denote whether it is a single or album seems to waste quite a lot of space - could this be done in plain text on the right of the search results or with smaller icons
    • is it possible get the track to play when you hit the "Listen to sample track" link (rather than having make another click on the album art/play button)? (I guess not)
    • some folks might think it's cheeky that the default purchase is always from amazon (after you have listened to a sample), but I guess that's the price you pay for using amazon's player, eh?
    • is MSE getting a kickback on sales? Of course, you will be declaring it, if so :)
  • Looks and works ok (colours aren't 'me', but looking @top 10 I guess I'm not the audience :) ). Maybe add a stumbleupon button alongside FB, digg etc, and resize the "Free weekly email" box because it really doesn't fit there!
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    Having the first set of links under the slogan be to flights, restaurants etc is a bit odd. The website as a whole looks very complicated - compare it to Google where the interface is so clean.

    Is this site supposed to be independent? If so, why does it have so many links to MoneySavingExpert (like the site map)? If not, why does the sitemap not include the tune checker page?

    Compare the cheapest CD version - why not do this in the same frame rather than open a new Window?

    When I click Listen to Sample track, the frame redraws to show a big blank space between the album and the first price and no music plays

    Tunechecker Top 10 - "DJ Shadow - The Outsider" - the price difference is shown as "Priciest £12.70" when the album is clicked on, the centre frame shows the priciest is £14.49 from tunetribe - not a site on the list you noted there are problems with. Same is true for "Elvis Presley - History"

    Accessibility - have you tested the web page using these options? Turn on the basic settings in Internet Explorer:
    --Ignore colors specified on webpages
    --Ignore font styles specified on webpages
    --Ignore dont sizes specified on webpages
    The search box disappears, the casback text overlays the bottom section of text, the boxes for subscribing to the email disappears etc. The Find Me links no longer fit in a single line. I don't have a custom style sheet handy, but I suspect that if I used one tailored for limited vision then the page would look even worse.

    The Bookmark link might be better if it created a bookmark with a custom icon, not just the default one.

    Some of the links are odd. For example, search "Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition" and choose the single. The link for Tesco is:

    Then the link to HMV is an affiliated link that comes direct from your site but does not appear with a * warning next to it
    <affiliated link, not mine>;209394301;31304475;x?;8;-1;-1;-1&pGroupID=8&selectedTab=1&simpleSearchString=SWEET+DISPOSITION%20TEMPER+TRAP
    <end link>
  • Great idea.

    Could there be an extra DiscountVouchers link to just show discounts actually related to buying the music. I think many people using it would be surprised the link is general discounts, off shoes and the like. Same goes for the other Find Me links. Keep them as a good transfer to MSE, but move them to the bottom maybe. Save their current place for music related discounts/deals/links.

    When can we start using it?
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  • well I've never downloaded any music in my life but my first attempt found a freebie!

    amazon.jpg*£0.00 I had to click on the 0.00 to get to it though, is this usual? I don't know. then amazon told me to Please Enable Cookies to Continue but they are enabled so there you go, no purchases from Amazon for me :(I think it's really interesting! Thanks Martin & crew :T
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    the home page has way too much going on
    it needs a less is more approach
    the find me flights needs removing - not required unless it's music vouchers
    apart from that very good
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    keith99 wrote: »
    Great idea. However i prefer CD's still. How about one for them, or is there such a site already?
    The whole thing looks and feels good though.
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    interesting...and could be useful, design looks good, will you be including skysongs when it is launched in a few weeks as a competitor to itunes?
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    John_Gray wrote: »
    There doesn't seem to be any music before 1750 available. What about us Early Music fans? :confused:

    There doesn't seem to be anything other than mainstream pop artists more than five years ago.

    Hate the colours!

    Otherwise a nice idea ...
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