Ssssh... sexy new music tool... please help us test it

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  • g8 site easy to use fast lo load but hate the black background and mis-mash of colours on front page,looks like kids art project!
  • Really easy to find my way around the new page , and a great tool. i didnt come across any problems when looking about.
    free online music -
    my daughter uses a site called grooveshark to listen to free music as well. you cant download but you can play any song you want for free.
  • easy to use & looks good apart from all the black.
    :j Survey sites are boring but points add up if you persist with it - Great way to save up for xmas! Quidco is brill, watching the money pile up. Every penny counts !! :T
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    Thank you Martin, I love it and the colours are good ~~ I

    am a muppet with computers but found this easy to use :beer:
    There's no place like home :)

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    Another tip: look at the We7 site ( - they provide a lot of info on their homepage and also use black quite a bit, yet it all gels together and has a clean tidy more professional look. I really don't like the Tunechecker logo and the banner at the top - don't like the colours, the font, the, the blue electricity thing, the headphones pic, and as s.o. else said, it's a bit odd having the Find Me: Flights, Restaurants thing underneath. Also, I've tried putting in the names of various films, and none of the soundtracks come up.
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    Oh dear, I just looked at the link u provide on the Tunechecker homepage - hate their homepage even more and wouldn't use it 'cause of that. How do u decide which music listening site u provide links to?
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    fantastic site loving it just bought myself an mp3 player and love to be able to find the cheapest deal easily!! well done!!
    Thank you so much to everyone who posts :j :T :T :j :beer:
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    I'm sure your aware of this already but some of your text blends in with other text/titles and makes the site look amaturish.... The black looks fine to me, I just think you need to use a different font.

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    Mortgage-free Glee!
    Easy to use but cannot find any French tunes :(
    MFW on your mark
  • Looks like a useful site (great idea!), however I did a quick search for a few bands that turned up nothing.
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