Ssssh... sexy new music tool... please help us test it

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    Albums under £5.00.

    List appears from the cheapest to the dearest, with no option to see them A-Z. It would drive me mad looking for one particular artist if it meant I had to trawl through the whole list to find them (unless they were the cheapest :D ).

    Pop an optional choice of searching A-Z, Z-A please.

    Also (an afterthought), on the bottom left you have 'More Music Tips'. The 'Use Discounts and Codes', and 'Get Cashback on Top' take them to the MSE pages that cover all kinds of everything. Use the links to take them to distinct pages just for them related to music (your existing pages, just tweaked to mention music related examples instead of insurance and banks)instead. They'll soon notice the rest of the site.

    And (last suggestion!) why not have a forum for music, with sections for concert discounts, special offers, reunions etc? They'll definitely be converts then!

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  • i think it is great to have all the information in one place. the price difference on the right almost made me faint..... wow what a difference. i see a price war starting.
    thanks martin look forward to the launch
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    When I went went on the site, it wasn't immediately obvious what the site was for. My eye was drawn to the Main Menu and Moneysavingexpert box on the right. After a bit I noticed it says 'Instantly compare and buy cheap MP3 albums and singles' near the top. I think it should say ' prices...' as it wasn't obvious what it compares.

    Also where it says Current Top 40 Albums under Main Menu, I don't understand how u compile the list - is it the song/album most people buy - but buy the most from where? From all the sites u provide links to added together? How would u know this? I am tired, so I don't know if I'm just being slow!!

    Also, I would prefer it if the sub-menu's would show on the right of the arrow under main menu when you put your mouse on it, if u know what I mean (instead of clicking on it and waiting til it appears).

    I tried searching for KT Tunstall's 'Black Horse and the Cherry Tree' and put 'Black Horse Cherry Tree' into the search box, it said no results found. However when I put KT Tunstall into the search box, the song did come up, and it also came up when I put in the full title. It would be much easier and more efficient if a song came up only by putting the main words in, as people often can't remember/be bothered to put in the exact full title. In this case the only words missing in the initial search I did were 'and' and 'the', so it should really have come up.

    Finally, I think it's a bit odd having the Moneysaving e-mail box at the top right of the website. I understand u want to promote it, but this is a music price comparison site, and the Top 10 box should be above it.
    I think the whole layout on the main page looks v amateur - sorry! Giving u my honest opinion in order to be helpful :)
  • Will be useful - but for even better money saving tip - why not use spotify? Put up with an advert and it's absolutely excellent!

    Oh and hello all - first post!
  • Clicked on "under a fiver" & it crashed explorer.

    & there aint nothing wrong with my laptop.
    Not Again
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    I dont see the point in it, its nothing new you can do price checks on several sites
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    Looks pretty good to me. Should save me a fair bit of time trawling around other sites.
    Thanks Martin.
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    just tried searching for the talented singer songwriter Ashley Best, 'So Colourful' this is not on there nor is Paoulo Nutini, album? perhaps I'm not spelling the names right, but cant wait till its running properly.
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  • You need to change the colours. My eyes cant handle it, contrasting colours like that confuse my eyes and cause me severe headaches - not good. It needs to be calmer. Or just reduce the harshness of the pure white.

    I also agree that the mse email box takes up to much space on the top of the page - perhaps you could swap it with the top 10 box underneath or make it smaller.

    We have 2 i-pods in our house, i have never ever downloaded a single song (i leave that to my DF), however i like the idea of this site, as it will save me a fortune in time and money. As i would like to download music but find the thought of searching for the lowest price manually too tiring, so i dont bother. I might now though.

    I'm sure once you have make your tweaks the site will be fab.
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    Seems a good idea and was easy enough to use - I looked for Green Day's albun American Idiot in the under £5 section and found it available on Amazon for £4.99.

    Only snag for me personally is the vast majority of albums/mp3s I buy are over 5 years old which the site is not currently covering.

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