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  • I've been unemployed for five months and haven't been able to have my long hair cut in that time. I've had to dye it brown at home as blonde is impossible to maintain whilst living on £50 a week in jobseeker's! Trouble is that it's starting to break and become all matted at the back which is rather upsetting. Definitely going to see if I can try any of these tips.
  • Tea3
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    I have to go to hairdressers for cuts as I botched mine too many times to mention :eek: but I only go on the cheap days (for my local thats Tue & Wed mornings) - granted I am the only one sat there with pink hair amoungst about a thousands blue rinse grannies but the cuts the same as I would get for full price and I cant count how many times they tell me they want pink hair too lol.

    With my coloured hair I add some of my dye (semi perm) to my conditioner to boost the colour each time I wash it and by dyeing it myself at home I save a fortune as its about £25 more for the bleach & dye at the hairdressers than by doing it at home. My tip is get a friend to help!!
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    I also recomment the Lush henna - I used to have really long hair and even then only needed half a block. It is a bit faffy (and can mess up the bathroom!) but had lovely, dark shiny hair. I also adore the shanpoo bars as they take up little space - great for holidays / travelling as that tiny little bar (comes with free tin when buy 2) lasts for about 2-3 months - Jumping Juniper I think is the one I use (it's purple) - for combatting greasy hair and means only need to wash it every two-three days :)
  • avisk
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    I have grey hair (I am 61) and like it. So nothing to spend on colouring!

    I do spend a lot on getting it cut, but I have been to the same hairdressers for over 30 years and never had a bad cut, so I have no intention of economising by going anywhere else!

    Because my hair is short it just gets washed and conditioned and left. I usually wash it every other day (in between I just wet it if I wake up with bits sticking up!).

    I really like Aussie hair products. There is usually a special offer in one or other of the supermarkets or pharmacy chains, so I stock up then. They are excellent quality, go a long way, and smell delicious.

    I also like the Lush shampoo bars for travelling. I took one on holiday this year and used it for hair, body and face. Two weeks away and I have hardly used any of it.
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    Enough please of all your lovely thick curly heads of hair! I'm so jealous. Mine is fine, flyaway, pale blond hair which doesn't suit heavy conditioners. I find that the leave-in ones work best - but can anyone recommend any products please?

    I have the same hair type as you. Except I get mine highlighted as my almost platinum blonde hair I had as a kid has turned to a dark blonde which I hate.

    Because I get it coloured I have to use pantene repair and protect shampoo as it goes like straw otherwise.

    Would love to dye my hair at home but no idea what would be best for my hair - either colour-wise or brand :confused:
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    what can i use on thick, curlyish hair?
  • jud!th
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    I used to use Lush henna, till I discovered henna powder on ebay - much much easier to use and a lot cheaper. I mix about 100g henna powder with half a carton of orange juice a few hours before or the night before I want to use it. Consistency of double cream is what you're aiming for. Then I stick it on my dry hair till it's all covered, wrap head in clingfilm and leave for a couple of hours. Lovely henna effect for at least a month.

    And I don't use shampoo at all - I went cold turkey, and instead of shampoo used bicarb solution for the first couple of months, and now I don't need shampoo at all. I wash once a week and just use conditioner. Hair always looks fantastic :) I knew it would work because we never even started using shampoo on our two little girls (now 6 and 3) who have long blonde shiny hair which looks gorgeous all the time - we just use conditioner after they've been swimming.
  • I've been cutting my own hair for a while - there's loads of advice online about it. Google 'cutting your own hair'. If you have longer hair, it's very easy. I trim my own fringe and only go to a hairdresser if I want a dramatic change in style.

    I dye and highlight it with Boots kits; they do a bleaching kit which is great for highlights. I've also used a natural option - henna and indigo. It's fun if you have a spare afternoon and the results were great.

    Shampoo and conditioner: most supermarkets do a value range and I don't think there's a huge difference in performance between those and the premium brands. The shampoo I have is Asda Smart Price and is 12p a bottle; and the conditioner is 24p. They smell fine and work, and I find it hard to justify spending more unless I'm really treating myself. Sainsburys Basics seems to be the same stuff at around the same price.

    I do buy some Lush products because they smell gorgeous - but there's very little difference in the performance of the 24 pence Asda conditioner and the £8 Lush version. The 'natural ingredients' argument doesn't convince me. The Lush ones are 99% chemicals/water with some added natural fragrance. Neither are animal tested which is a high priority for me. Lush smell fab and natural fragrances are expensive; but you're paying a lot of money for the marketing rather than the product.

    If I'm going away I take a bar of home-made soap and use that as shampoo. It's not the easiest thing to make but a batch lasts us for over a year and it's a cheap way of getting very high quality hand-made soap with no dodgy ingredients in :-) I can also play with fragrances and essential oils. If you're not into making stuff, you can bulk buy soaps and solid shampoos on eBay. It's also a good place to pick up other hand-made beauty products.

    Leave-in conditioners are also good value as you use far less than you would a wash-out version. Body Shop Amlika conditioner comes in a nice, small bottle so I use that when I'm travelling. Boots also do a spray one which is cheaper. I've not cracked home-made conditioners yet, but maybe one day!
  • I get all my hair products from T J Hughes, I have short, dyed "funky" hair and am really fussy - but TIGI stuff at Hughes typically £3-4 cheaper than in the shops (also ebay).:j
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    I use my local college i go to level 3 adults and have colour cut and blow dry for £13 with free coffe included the tutor always check the work and double checks the colour and cut before letting you leave the salon. when they have been there a while ie Nov/Dec i drop down to level 2 and it then costs £11:T:T:D:D
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