Great ‘Hair MoneySaving’ Hunt



  • A couple of tips:

    You can often get coconut/jojoba oils cheaper in asian supermarkets.

    For sulphate/sodium free shampoo, Suma make a cheap one to which you could add your own essential oils. Or the best ready-made stuff I've found so far is the Australian Bodycare shampoos and conditioners (£3.99, cheapish for organic products), you can get them in Holland and Barrett or Waitrose (a bit cheaper in Waitrose).
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    Jesthar wrote: »

    Finally, hair straighteners - I started using them last year. Yes, I KNOW GHD's are the throne to worship at here, but frankly I couldn't afford the admittance fee! So I bought Babyliss Pro 230 straighteners instead (just over £20 from Amazon at the moment), and if it's just straightening you're after (not sure if they'd curl too) you can't go wrong. I have very thick, long hair with a strong natural wave, and it only takes one pass on a section of hair to straighten it perfectly - and that's on setting 6, I've never cranked it up to full power! Only slight drawback is the 'off' button is in a place where you can catch it accidentally sometimes, but once you get used to it being there it's easy to avoid doing that (been months since my last accidentaly switch off), and they heat up so fast it's not really anything other than a momentary annoyance anyway.

    ~Jes :)

    I've used these hair straighteners for a couple of years now since my GHDs blew up! In my opinion they work just as well at a fraction of the price!
    Just bought some more, I think they are the most updated ones and I think they were about £30 reduced from £80 on Amazon.. I don't think I could go back to paying £100+ for the GHDs again!

  • My top tip is: find the local higher ed college which has a hair dressing course - the students need hair to practise on, and there is always a tutor to advise and correct if necessary - so nothing to worry about!
    The other benefit is they are concentrating so hard, they have not learnt the art of hair dresser "conversation" so you can read your book or whatever - as the only drawback is, it takes a while!
  • I have short, very frizzy hair and I have to use my straighteners everyday to tame it as it is too short to tie up, but I would really love to grow it. The toruble is, as it is frizzy the more products I use to tame it, the more often it needs washing.

    I like the sound of coconut oil, I will have to try it, any tips on where to buy it from? Does it have to be coconut oil specifically made for hair, or just any?

    Another good tip I find works if I don't want to wash my hair everyday is Batiste dry shampoo in tropical, which has a lovely coconut smell and you can simply spray onto your roots to really freshen it up and give your hair an extra boost of body. It is about £1.99 in Superdrug for 150ml, but you can also find it in most supermarkets. I find it a quick alternative to washing my hair everyday, although some of my friends didn't get on with it, so i suppose it is just personal preference.
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    Just any coconut oil - definately agree with it being more commonly found in areas where there is a big Asian community, it's what Asian women use to condition their long shiny hair apparently!

    Lily, I am obsessed with Batiste as well!
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    Lilypie, you need Pure coconut oil. It shouldn't have anything else in it. If you don't like it for your hair, you can always use it as a night cream. Failing that you can actually cook with it! If you have frizzy hair I bet it will work for you. Look it up on youtube and there are loads showing you how to use it.

    Edit: sorry juice, just seen your post.
  • Great, thanks for the tips! I will be having a look for some coconut oil today.
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    LilyPie wrote: »
    I have short, very frizzy hair and I have to use my straighteners everyday to tame it as it is too short to tie up, but I would really love to grow it. The toruble is, as it is frizzy the more products I use to tame it, the more often it needs washing..

    My hair is frizyand very curly, and I use lots of product. I'm finining using conditioner only, or even sometimes just wetting it nd applying less product between shampoos, is working brilliantly. But I don't straighten mine. :)
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    I would be grateful if someone could recommend a home hair colour that covers grey for more than a couple of washes. I've tried a few of the well known brands but with no success. Tia
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    At the moment, I'm trying to use as little heat as possible on my hair (no straightening through the week) so might have to replenish my coconut oil stocks in preparation.
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