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    Holland and Barratt is where I bought mine from £11.99 for 453g (large tub). I had to ask as it was near the food supplies because people use it for cooking too.
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    Thankyou, I wonder if anywhere does a smaller tub? As I have quite fine hair and I am willing to try the coconut oil, but at £11.99 it is a bit expensive if it doesn't work out for me?

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  • Hi after reading this thread I’ve just been out to buy some coconut oil, I’m going to give it a try over the weekend. I got it in a Caribbean food store £1.29 for 500 ml. I've also been told that you can get it in most Indian cash and carry type stores really cheap.
  • If you live or work in London you could go to one of the hairdressing academies, Toni & Guy, Saks & Vidal Sassoon....

    when i lived in london, i did this for years - always had FAB haircuts. other salons will do it too, just call and ask for a model appointment.

    now i live out of london, there's a branch of toni & guy locally, they do these cheap haircuts as well, so not just for london :-)
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    Hi to all those with curls - I too have very curly hair and a love-hate realtionship with it!

    I'd recommend this site for a list of curly products in the UK. The site is actually a US site, but on the forum they have a UK section. In fact I'd recommend the whole of the forums to those with curly hair, but be warned there is a LOT of info! The reference here to CG friendly is a specific type of method that a lot of curly heads use - not using products with certain ingredients etc. cae29 has already mentioned the book.

    Also, I'd recommend Botts essentials curl creme - it's pink, it's great to use on curly hair adn about £1.20 a pot.
  • morocha
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    i went to Boots and bought a instense hair mask Camomile & Lemon balm for fair and blonde hair ( i have highlights).. i will let you know if it is any good. it cost £1.75 i think. it's boots own brand.
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    I was looking for a different hairdresser as usually went to Toni & Guys and decided to take a chance and pop into one I have passed for ages when working as my hair was unmanagable just now. It was curly/frizzy and matted/tangled/dry. I have been conditioning it loads and also wash it every day after going to gym/pool. I was also shedding lots of hair just now.

    The hairdresser was able to cut my hair there and then and she said that I had no split ends and therefore didn't really need a cut but was in bad condition and roots were very dry. I got it cut anyway as it had been months since I'd had a cut.

    She recommended mustard oil, which I got in an asian supermarket for 99p and when I was there also got coconut oil for £1.49 for 500ml. She also recommended olive oil serum. I am hoping these will help as my hair used to be in good condition previously..

    She also said not to use too much conditioner, i.e. for every three times washed use conditioner only once...
  • I've got 50" length, wavy, frizzy (if not tamed) hair. Since hair is pretty much dead(keratin) and the longer it is the more fragile it is, I take care of it by giving it a weekly dose of warmed up coconut oil (like my mum used to do), or olive oil, then almond oil and lastly mustard oil. I am constantly stopped on the street and asked what shampoo I use, what I eat!! Its mad, I find that NOT going to the hairdresser, as everytime I have been I have regretted it....terrible terrible cuts, last time they cut 17" off then said sorry! Also if you look after your ends you only need a trim every 8 to 10 weeks at most. Also not sure if this works but using a water based hair dye, such as Daniel Field does less damage, or at least looks and feels as if it does. I have been known to use home made mayonnaise as conditioner when I have run out of shop bought conditioner.

    Warm the Oil gently, part your hair into four parts and amply apply the oil, by gently stroking the hair along the shaft(!) and then using your fingers to massage your scalp, very soothing. Have a warm towel handy and wrap your hair for a minimum of 5 mins. Then was your hair as usual, using warm to hot water( as hot as you can bear without discomfort). Has worked for me for over 30 years x
  • dear fruitcake,i know i'm probably missing something somewhere along the line, but do you use 3 oils one after the other or all together? and where do you buy mustard oil from? would it be the supermarket? many thanks
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    Gollum wrote: »
    I would be grateful if someone could recommend a home hair colour that covers grey for more than a couple of washes. I've tried a few of the well known brands but with no success. Tia

    So far only one type of home hair colour has managed to cover my grey hair 100%: clairol perfect 10. I used it once and it was perfect, I could not believe my eyes, the first time ever.

    Unfortunately the last time I bought L'oreal Excell 10 by mistake, and only realised because my grey hair were not completely covered!.
    I won't make the same mistake again!
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