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    My hair is a curly-frizzy mess, I absolutely hate it: I need to condition it every day, and if I get a dandruff attack, I need to wash it every 2 days with Head and shoulders. I use a Pantene leave in conditioner that is very greasy-like to the touch and I use whatever conditioner designed for my type of hair I can get my hands on. I have found that using frizz-ease only works for about 2 months and then my hair seems to get used to it and go back to its normal pain-in-the-butt self. Before my wedding I ahd found this Umberto Giannini Serum and curl spray in Boots and that did the trick for my wedding day, however, at £4 for a tiny bottle, I only use it for big occasions.

    Mainly, the problem i have at the moment is that I went for a hair trial at some fancy hairdressers in town before my wedding and instead of working with my hair, they tried to do this elaborate thing and decided to straighten my hair with GHD's. I ended up with a hair trial everyone hated and burnt hair. I know I should go and get my hair cut but I cannot bring myself to do it: I never really got out of a hairdressers' happy with the results so far and the wedding hair trial did not restore my faith in them. My other problem is that last time I got a cut, it was layered: the top layers behind my crown are extremely burnt, split and straw like (my hair looks like it has split like a rope in some places) but cutting them past the damaged section would mean for them to be ridiculously short...

    Can't you tell I hate my hair? lol
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  • Go every eight weeks rather than every six. You can even push this out to every twelve weeks if you have long hair. As long as you condition it properly and don't use excessive heat to style it you shouldn't get split ends.

    If you've got a fringe, the vast majority of hairdressers will trim it for you for free, and most will do it there and then - it's a ten minute job but makes a big difference.

    Boots Expert heat protection spray costs £2.99 - half the cost of the salon brands in Boots - and is just as good if not better as the posh ones.
    Try going to local colleges that do training, i had my hair cut and coloured for FREE because they kept me waiting and extra 20 mins!! but normlly cost £5-10 for cut and blow
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    this contains links on how to cut your own hair

    <disclaimer - i haven't dared try it myself!>:D
  • i've been cutting my own hair since age 16 (now 36). of course at first i had a coupleof disasters, but i had quite an alternative 'look' back then so it didn't matter too much. now i have a fairly relaxed style, with layering and no fringe, and it's dead easy.

    it helps to keep it fairly short too, as less shampoo etc needed, plus the ends don't go straggly as quick.

    i do occasionally have a professional cut - i find that if you go to a really good salon (i used to go to charles worthington when i lived in london), the style will last up to 6 mths before it needs doing again. plus the advantage of charles worthington was you also got free champagne and petit fours!!!! or i take advantage of the periodic free/cut price hair cuts offered in mags.

    if i do get a professional cut, i always have a wet cut rather than blow dry - cuts about a tenner off the price, plus they will often let you sit under those diffuser hood things, so you don't have to go out with wet hair.
  • ps - i have no brand loyalty with shampoo etc either, just get whatever's on special offer (although i have found own brand ones on the whole to be a bit too harsh for my hair) - it's better for your hair to have regular changes so it doesnt get too used to a product.

    my grandad used to manufacture shampoo etc and said it's all the same basic stuff and you may as well use washing up liquid, but i never believed him - i've certainly never put washign up liquid on my hair!!!
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    rls1973 wrote: »
    this contains links on how to cut your own hair

    <disclaimer - i haven't dared try it myself!>:D

    Just done the pony tail cut on myself and my daughter......she has very long hair, the layers look really natural...she's pleased because its given her hair a nice shape but kept the length. It was very easy, I recommend looking at the Lee Stafford youtube clip via the above link for clear visual instructions. :j
  • I have shoulder length hair which needs colouring every 4 weeks so I don't look like a badger. However, several years ago I realised that I get a much more natural, less "blocky" look if I use only half a pack each time and do just the regrowth with a hair dye brush and the odd random streak through the length of my hair so there is a proper multi-tonal effect. I use Nice N Easy and take advantage of the 2 for offers in Boots, Superdrug and Asda so I buy from whichever store has the best deal.
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    jud!th wrote: »
    I used to use Lush henna, till I discovered henna powder on ebay - much much easier to use and a lot cheaper....
    And I don't use shampoo at all - I went cold turkey... I wash once a week and just use conditioner. Hair always looks fantastic :)

    WOW ! !!!! Jud!th, that's fantastic and really really interesting. :T

    sorry for cutting down the quote, but it was a few pages ago so wanted to show the 'highlights' (no pun intended!)

    i've long brown hair that tends towards greasy at the scalp and dry at the bottom... Lush jumping juniper works best for me, but even so i'm often annoyed at my hair looking so limp it looks greasy after just one day.

    there's lots of tips for cury/dry hair on here, how about some tips for us with our own oils!?! :rotfl:
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    I had alopecia a while ago. My hair is not going to grow back and is thin in various places. I used to have really long, red hair. It was my pride and joy and I was always getting admiring comments from strangers so it was a real shock when it started to fall out.

    However, I shaved my head as that was the only way I could cope with having baldy bits as it was getting to the stage where I wouldn't leave the house. To my surprise it really suits me. I bought hair clippers for £17 from Asda two years ago and shave my own head every 10-14 days. I don't have to use shampoo or conditioner because I just wash my head with whatever shower gel I'm using in the shower. I also raised £600 for charity by doing a sponsored head-shave the first time I shaved my hair off.

    Obviously it's not a course of action everyone would be happy to take but it is definitely MSE!! I'm 40 in a couple of weeks' time so it's not only something for the 'younger generation' either. And it has saved me hours and hours of time. In the mornings I don't even always bother to look in the mirror (I don't wear make-up).

    Dunno what I'm going to do when I reach pension age though. I might go down the 'eccentric purple wig' route :rotfl:
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    My tips:

    Have long hair - that way it's easy to cut so you don't need a hair dresser to do it.

    Wash with bicarbonate of soda - it costs pennies.

    Wash your hair less frequently. Unless you work in a dusty/dirty environment your hair doesn't get so dirty that it needs washing every day. Not only does less washing mean less shampoo but it saves having to spend a fortune on conditioners etc. to repair the damage caused by overwashing.
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