Great ‘Hair MoneySaving’ Hunt

[FONT=&quot]Cuts, colours, shampoo, styling products: looking after those locks can really add up. So we want to tap MoneySavers for their top tips on keeping their tresses lovely for less.

Do you really need a chop every six weeks, which cheap shampoos beat salon brands, and how can you recreate posh colours at home? We’d love to hear from any hairdresser MoneySavers too.

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  • Go every eight weeks rather than every six. You can even push this out to every twelve weeks if you have long hair. As long as you condition it properly and don't use excessive heat to style it you shouldn't get split ends.

    If you've got a fringe, the vast majority of hairdressers will trim it for you for free, and most will do it there and then - it's a ten minute job but makes a big difference.

    Boots Expert heat protection spray costs £2.99 - half the cost of the salon brands in Boots - and is just as good if not better as the posh ones.
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  • I've been following a blogger who is giving weekly moneysaving tips to raise money for charity and in her "Week of Questionable Hair" she suggests (a) getting a wet cut instead of having your hair blow-dried as part of the cut, saving about £5 to £10 if your hairdresser has that option; (b) trying a mobile hairdresser because they're generally much cheaper than a salon (about £15 to £20), and she explains how to find one; (c) trying a trainee, again much cheaper but risky; and (d) having your hair cut just a bit less often.

    She also tried washing her hair in Fairy Liquid, which is apparently often recommended but it didn't work for her.

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  • morocha
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    My best conditioner treatment is almond oil.. i heat it up in the microwave then put in my hair for as many hours as i want/can then wash it off.. and my hair is lovely and really shiny.
    I thin my own hair and i really like the result.. i get highlights, go to the salon to re do them every 12 weeks.. so in a year that's 4 times... i get t hair is black but i get caramel and golden highlights...
    I am trying to get my hair done every 12 weeks.. t section then every year the whole head.. i dont want to damage my whole head every couple of months, i want to see if this works... ahh my hair is shoulder length.
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  • **Juice**
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    Coconut oil is a fab hair conditioner (can use it on your body too) - pretty cheap from Boots/Superdrug, they do their own brands of it.
  • flippin36
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    Another vote for coconut oil. I have really, really badly processed hair from bleaching and straightening. It has been breaking off and is in a bit of a mess. I didn't want to have it cut short, so I did a search on the net which kept bringing me back to coconut oil. I got mine from Holland and Barrett for £11.99 (but its a large 453g tub which will last me months). I put it on my hair (and face) every evening and wash it off in the morning (washes off easily not like olive oil).

    Breakage seems to have stopped and my hair is shiny and strong, I feel like its actually growing now. Smells great too.
  • lostinrates
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    coconut oil just doesn't work for my hair an odd fluffy texture and feel. I'd love to cut down on the amount I spend on my hair. styling products for curly hair, and mine is very curly, really add up: frizease, some sort of curling cream (I use Catwalk). I do only go to th hairresser 3-4 times a year. The only other thing that has really saved me anything is reducing the frequency of shampooing. I have animals, and don't like smelling them in my hair, so use to wash alot, but I have found my hair is better, and it costs les, to just condition instad. This is sufficient to deal with smell. I also sometimes leave odinary, not leave in, conditioner in my curly hair. It protects it a bit from the weather/temperature changes I think.
  • If there is college near you that runs a training salon you should be able to book in for VERY low cost hair-dos and beauty treatments. Our local one in Redcar charge £5.00 for a cut and blow dry. All students are monitered by tutors. The downside is they tend to take far longer than a high street salon but a nice long sit down in warm friendly surroundings being pampered isn't a bad way to spend an afternoon!!
  • I only ever have a fringe trim, and the hairdressers I go to told me that if I make an appointment to have this done they have to charge £5, whereas if I just call in on the off chance, they will do it for £3 if someone is free. 9 times out of 10 I can get it cut within half an hour by just calling in.
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    I have just been to our local College for a cut and blow dry for the sum of £7.50. Took her about an hour and a half, but it was checked over several times by the "teacher" and except for being a tad on the short side (it will grow) it is a nice haircut. I have been used to paying in the region of £45 / £50.00 for a cut and blow dry. Can't afford it any more and I will cetainly be going back. Also, at the beauty department their pedicures are £8, rather than the £20 I usually pay....

    I have curly/frizzy hair and I love using a tiny drop of almond oil, olive oil as a serum..mind you a tiny tiny bit goes an awful long way. Compares well to the John Frieda serum I used for years.
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  • karenx
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    So does coconut oil really work?
    My hair is bleached white and while the majority of it is in great condition then ends are a bit dry and horrid looking. Even after getting a wee trim it goes dry again after a while. I use sebastian shampoo and conditioner, they are £10 each but I need really decent stuff as I have extensions too. I used aussie before I got extensions and it was truly amazing but it doesnt work on my extensions :(
    I also do my own coloring at home so I save loads on that! I need my roots done every 4 weeks and at the hairdressers that was about £50 a time. Now I spend about £30 in sallys for all the stuff and that lasts me about a year!!
    I need to get my extensions redone every 3 months so when I get them taken out I get a small trim :)
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