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This discussion links on the back of the
If you've spotted a similar deal, or you just want to discuss the best available titles, please do post below, and we'll add it in after checking it out. Thanks :)


  • bylromarha
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    £4 free trial sign up if you go via Quidco
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  • eh1lad
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    Great offer! Thanks! I came to post re Quidco but was beaten :rotfl:

    I might even stay a member (after cancelling and waiting for a re-join offer!) as I always wanted to read more books but never get the time but I can try this in the car with my iPod playing head unit.

  • jeanmd
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    :D Thank you so much MSE Lawrence, your a life saver.
    I have to go into hospital for a few days on Thursday because I am having an operation, this should hopefully be done with a spinal anasthetic. I was planning to borrow my DD's iPod and listen to music to keep my mind of the operation, but finding it hard to choose something. Now my only problem is choosing which book, I think a lot will be to do with the narrator as I don't think I could listen to some of them for long. :eek:
    You really are an angel and I don't know what I'd do without MSE now. Withdrawal symptoms are setting in already. :p
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  • markbernstein
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    bylromarha wrote: »
    £4 free trial sign up if you go via Quidco
    And the same from TopCashBack (just for the trial membership; plus an additional £6 if you then sign up for a year).
  • redballoon_2
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    damm didnt go through quidco!! GRRRRRRRRRRRR
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  • A.Jones
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    • Phone: This is by far the simplest way. Call audible's customer support team on 0800 082 5100 and ask to cancel; they'll guide you through.

    • Online: If you really want to cancel via the web, follow these steps...

    I don't see why it is necessary to use the language "if you really want to cancel via the web". Audible is an online site, where you sign up online. Of course many people will want to cancel via the web. Usually it is much quicker than having to phone, and you don't have to answer any questions about why you are leaving and other survey type questions. Personally I think that any site where you sign up for a service online should allow you to cancel online too. So why include the word "really" in the cancellation details - it makes it sound like it is something you shouldn't do.
  • ndench
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    iTunes also has a good audiobook offer on at the moment if you like the classics: 95p for certain unabridged classics from the RNIB. The list is relatively long and includes Dickens, Hardy, Dumas, Bronte, etc. (Count of Monte Cristo, 50 hours for 95p -- bargain!)

    They can be a bit hard to find in the store as you can't just search for "RNIB". However, if you browse through the current classics chart you'll spot quite a few.
  • Q_Emmsie
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    What a great offer - I always wanted to try audio books, but was put off by the price/subscription terms. I've juts downloaded 2 FREE books for myself (Dan Brown's new one and a crime thriller by Gerritsen) and I bought 1 book for my young daughter - I'm hoping it'll keep her occupied on the plane when we go on holiday next month ;-)

    I've already cancelled my membership so that's sorted and I've just to see how much enjoyment I get from my 2 free books. Wonderful offer, thanks for bringing it to my attention!

    - emma
  • shaunkerry
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    Although not "best sellers" you can download some free audio books from here without giving any credit card details


    I like the Best of BBC comedy

  • Lady_Laney
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    I had problems signing up - it froze after the payment screen. I then couldn't get my free trial as I wasn't a "new" member. However, one quick (and free!) phone call and a very helpful gentleman set up the free trial for me!!

    I now have my 2 audio books completely free and can't wait to start listening!!
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