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Thomas Sanderson



  • marleyboymarleyboy Forumite
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    A respectable post, except one flaw, your not allowed to post links to your products on MSE, I would suggest you edit the post before it gets removed by the mods.
    "Marleyboy you are a legend!"
    MarleyBoy "You are the Greatest"
    Marleyboy You Are A Legend!
    Marleyboy speaks sense
    marleyboy (total legend)
    Marleyboy - You are, indeed, a legend.
  • hollydayshollydays Forumite
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    well done peter hamnett,you managed to mention ts 4 times in one post
  • reduxredux Forumite
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    Let me know what you'd like to see on the site and I'll arrange it.
    I'll tell you what I'd like to see on this site:

    - all your self-promoting b0llocks removed, like the other spam on here

    Reported to Abuse
  • peediedjpeediedj Forumite
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    got 9 superb quality blinds fitted in my new conservatory at a fraction of ts price,they look ace and cant beleive the quality,and under £500
    Live in my shoes for a week,then tell me your lifes hard!
  • Gosh, I find that a bit bizarre - setting up a Facebook page for a company that you just work for. Do they not mind? Maybe you need to get a hobby or something.
  • I today received a phone call asking to speak to my late wife (she died two and a half years ago). The caller said I'd do instead. He said he was calling from "The Consumer Research Centre" representing leading brands. I asked hoim for his name, and he replied "Melvin". When I asked him for his address, he told me he was calling from the Dominican Republic. When I asked him for his phone mumber, he told me it was an international call centre and didn't have a number!
    I asked him what he was selling. He told me he wasn't selling, merely doing market research on behalf of leading brands, and had a few questions which needed just 'yes' or 'no' answers.
    I asked him which leading brands he represented, and he told me "Thomas Sanderson, manufacturer of conservatory blinds".
    I told him I wasn't interested, and hung up. Since reading this thread, I wonder how much he would have quoted me? I wonder too why the international 'Consumer Research Centre' in Dominica is using such old telephone lists!
  • trisontanatrisontana Forumite
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    Just look at this week's adjudication by the ASA against TS:-

    You can see on there that they were passing off their own "report" as though it was unbiased and independent.
    What part of "A whop bop-a-lu a whop bam boo" don't you understand?
  • ParmParm Forumite
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    Here's one for you...

    I live in an apartment with huge windows (one in particular covers two floors), and I want wooden shutters on them. It has to be a custom fitted job as the windows are simply so big, so I thought I'd get Thomas Sandersons out for a quotation.

    For a little background info, I had Thomas Sanderson fit conservatory blinds at my parents' house and found their blinds to be of a very good standard - albeit pricey.

    Expecting the worst case scenario in terms of cost, I had a woman over from Sanderson and immediately after seeing the window she says "oooh, I don't know if we can do this".

    Couple of biscuits, cups of tea and phone calls later, she says it can be done. After doing all the measuring, taking about a half hour, we sit down for a quote...

    £11,000. :eek:

    I kid you not. I nearly fell of my chair. It still gives me goosebumps thinking about it.

    After a whole lot of haggling, she agreed to bring it down to £6,000, highlighting the ridiculous nature of the original quotation. It was still far too much and I couldn't be bothered to haggle any further. They are just planks of wood, after all.

    However! In an odd turn of events, I now almost wish I'd given Thomas Sanderson a chance. Reason being I decided to go with Hillarys, and their customer service has been a complete nightmare. I ordered way back in November, paid a hefty deposit and still haven't heard a peep. Chasing them up is a nightmare.

    It's times like these when I start to think that the simply awful levels of customer service are why so many companies are now facing administration. I'd certainly never order from Hillarys again, but that's a debate for another thread.
  • I ordered some TS shutters last October that were to be installed before Christmas. I recieved a letter saying there was a 6 - 9 week delay in the delivery of the shutters because of wood shortages. I immediately called my sales rep to cancel the order, because I simply was not satisfied, given the amout of money i was spending.
    Since then I have been chasing them, because they never return my calls to cancel the order. Today they could still not confirm an installation date, and refuse to accept a cancellation citing the contract, and offering me a 5% discount.
    I have also explained to them that my financial circumstances have changed and I simply could not pay for these shutters, but that does not seem to matter to them.

    I am going to have my solictor review the contract. Are these contracts worth the paper thry are written on?
  • So glad I read this. Have had brochures and phone calls from them after I requested a leaflet, Woman said they were NOT AT ALL pushy and it was a free quote without pressure to buy. Wanted shutters or blinds for my front room. Judging by the prices people have mentioned it wouldve been way too expensive anyway!! Will maybe try another company...Any recommendations?
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