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August 2009 Grocery Challenge

edited 20 August 2009 at 10:23AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • babyheadbabyhead Forumite
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    :hello: Can i join please? A newbie to the challenge! :D

    My new month starts today with a budget of 200. First shop today and I have spent 77.07 which leaves 122.93 :eek: until 29/8. I did get lots of store cupboardy type things today so hopefully that will last longer than a week.

    Sig updated...lets see how it goes then! Hopefully I will be able to reduce the budget next month but we'll see. Oh there is me, DS and DH.

    Wish me luck plz xx
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    earthmotherearthmother Forumite
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    My month doesn't start until Monday, but I've started some shopping so that I could use up the last of my Tesco vouchers from last weekend's papers. Spent £38.63, but saved a further £18.67 in vouchers and offers.

    Will do a stock-take over the weekend to see what else I need to get this week - have a feeling it's only Tomato Sauce, as I forgot it this morning (for the second time in two days :rolleyes:).
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  • kirstenckirstenc Users Awaiting Email Confirmation
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    WOW people, I have just had a look through a bunch of the recipes (and stolen about 80% of them lol) and I have realised that I can convert alot of them to free from for DS...his birthday in in august and I might be able to make him a cake for the first time ever!!

    I am so excited, and thanks people for all of the input that has clearly been put in over the months/years. I look forward to contributing!
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  • BigMummaFBigMummaF Forumite
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    Blast :angry: So much for getting off to a good start :cool: Serves me right for trying to cheat by doing the shopping yesterday :whistle: Needless to say I didn't get there so I've already got through £28:65 & whatever the value of coupons came to.
    I have stocked up on the offers that end in the next couple of days, including some nibblies in readiness for 'you-know-when' so I'm not too concerned just yet
    Also got some of that One Milk in MrT at £1 for 2 litres. We normally have the ordinary semi-skimmed but this one apparently has less fat--another reason to give it a whirl--I'll report back once we've opened it.
    Anyone else tried it?
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    helen_jellyhelen_jelly Forumite
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    Lollyfin - Did you manage to make the mince stretch that far and did it taste nice - really interested in your answer as we tried to do the same on a smaller scale and it felt like we had no meat at all!!

    Have spent £91 at MrA but that will last for quite a while and the freezers and cupboards are looking very full so hopefully we will stick to the budget this month

    Helen x
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    TheBeesTheBees Forumite
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    Mrs M - Please put TheBees down for £360 this month.

    Not spent a lot so far - lots of stuff still in the freezer and cupboards that should last until mid week.

    Good luck all.

    Just whizzed through the last few pages. I think Flat Eric was asking about whether or not to buy a slow cooker. I use mine about twice a week and it's brilliant if you know youre going to be late home and won't be in the mood for cooking. Just throw the ingredients in first thing in the morning and hey presto a meal awaits you when you get home! Just buy the largest one you can afford so you can make large batches and freeze spare meals. Basically, anything you cook by simmering in a pan, you can cook for several hours in the SC. - Spag bol, savoury mince, chilli, curry, soup, whole chicken(meat falls off bones)...etc...
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  • penguin83penguin83 Forumite
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    Hi all, I havent joined in with the grocery challenge for about 18 months but would love to join back in please as we have so much stuff in our cupboards/freezer and I just keep buying more - I have got tins on the worktop at the min as I cant fit it in the cupboard!

    We are a family of 4 and I will guess at 450.00 for this month please hoping that I have wildly overestimated! That is for all food, toiletries, cleaning stuff etc and nappies for my son. I am currently at Slimming World as well so have to adapt meals to make them SW friendly! x x x
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  • kezloukezlou Forumite
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    Hi everyone, had a mammoth baking session yesterday making twinkies (very moreish), chocolate concrete, lemon cakes and fruit flapjacks. so that's us sorted for a few days at least for snacks. Today made chicken and leek pie and made some cheese pasties with leftover pastry so there's tea sorted.

    Been cleaning and decluttering all day so i'm sick of seeing the kitchen now, still have to finish it off though :mad:.
    Anyway had the first grocery spend today, spent a whopping £15.63 on milk,veg, fruit, jam, washing up liquid, hot chocolate and salami. Just di all my shopping at aldis got the 2 lots of bananas, nectarines, games tomatoes, lettuce and some potatoes, So should last us till the end of next week.
    Fingers crossed this will last us for a couple of picnics and lunches but i'm not holding my breath. spent more than i wanted but at least it was all healthy apart from the jam :rolleyes:.
    Right going to make tea and coffee and start on making some more cushions out of the old duvet covers.
  • lambananalambanana Forumite
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    Went to the shops for some bits today, didn't need much as cupboards are pretty full but picked up bread, milk, cheese and other little bits and spent £10 which was £7.91 in tesco, £1.09 in the butchers and £1 in Jack Fultons. Was pleased to get a £3 off when spending £20 voucher on my tesco receipt! It has to be spent this week but I'll go get some stockcupboard type tins and dried value range stuff with it, I was very pleased as I didn't know they were doing voucers :)
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  • CommitedToChangeCommitedToChange Forumite
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    Oh dear - just fell off the budget wagon by buying 2 crates of strongbow :o well it was £6 for 15 cans - how cheap! and with footie season almost upon us think of all the money I'll save not going to the pub :rotfl:

    Also got my dairy stuff in a Mr T's - so another £3 on but saved £6 :D
    House bought - now to clear the mortgage :T
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