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    I got my huge parcel yesterday too. Wowie. Thanks Welsh Dragon :)

    I emailed to say could I have a couple of vouchers as I don't have a printer at home to print them off, which is true, and that haul arrived! Feel a bit bad because I don't want schools to miss out or anything, will have to find someone to donate some to. I do like the mugs though :D
  • Poppy_PPoppy_P Forumite
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    I had a pack with 200 vouchers!

    I kept a few for myself and passed the rest onto my sons school :o

    A couple of mugs would have been nice, but I'm not complaining ......... honest :rotfl:
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    This has got to be one of the best finds ever! Got my pack today, 30 each of pens, pencils and erasers, lots of posters, stickers and bookmarks and best of all 200 vouchers - like a lot of you I will use some myself and pass the rest on to the kids school/youth club etc and share the goodies.
    Thank you very much WD, x x
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    Thank you weaver for your kind comments above, I'm just pleased that so many moneysavers have benefitted but not only them but the people around them too - all the best welshy x :beer:

    No problems welsh-dragon I think you deserve post of the month - not only for this post but for all the other useful freebies/info you give on this site on a regular basis
    Thanks to everyone who posts comps :T
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    i got the same yesterday.. didnt receive any confirmation at all from them, had kinda written it off.. but 3 parcels!! sharing them out with neighbours, colleagues and local schools (we have 3 in the village!!) all well received, thanks so much WELSH-D!! x:T :T :T
    divadee wrote:
    Wow thanks OP my stuff arrived today. I cant believe how much i received!!

    I got -

    24 posters (varying sizes and stuff)
    45 car stickers
    300 book tokens
    45 pencils
    45 pens
    45 rubbers
    2 mugs

    I cant believe the goody haul i got. Mr divadee is taking some stuff to work, and little miss divadee is going to take some to her class so the kids can take it home for their parents.

    I want to buy some of the quick reads (already have one of them0 whats the cheapest place to get them? I am sure i saw them cheap somewhere recently either 99p or 1.99 but cant remember where i think it might of been sainsburys. Any ideas?
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    Thank you Welsh Dragon! i got my haul today,mugs were broken but i'm not complaining.
    Great find!
    Can we have the thanks button back cos more people would use it and you deserve it!
    2020 Jan: storage box,£150 pots & pans, £50 restaurant voucher,dining experience,19 tubes of Pringles Feb: £50 food giftcard,
  • I got -

    40 posters (varying sizes and stuff)
    75 car stickers
    500 book tokens
    75 pencils
    75 pens
    75 rubbers
    2 mugs

    Very nice find Thanks WELSH-DRAGON:)
    Peace Of Heaven
  • welshlizwelshliz Forumite
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    great post welsh dragon, how long did it take all of you to recieve your items, when i get mine i will give them out at college.
    Cymru Am Byth
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    Hello welshliz - nice to see someone from my area. My Grandad used to have a farm on Caerphilly Mountain. Anyway, back to the question:

    My items didn't take too long but then that was before it was posted on here and I can imagine that they have now been overwhelmed by the demand. My Mum sent off for her ones recently, she requested them on 16th April and they arrived on 8th May so around 3 weeks.
    ;) I am the only Voucher Queen in my village LOL ;)
  • scottie1scottie1 Forumite
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    thanks for the original post i recieved a fab couple of packages with pens pencils mugs erasers posters then the next day a 100 money off vouchers fab
    :T :T :T :T :T
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