Free World Book Day Promotional Items - Quick Read vouchers



  • i got 200 vouchers today, i was hoping that the books would be free with the vouchers, but unfortunatly not!
  • louise_1981louise_1981 Forumite
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    Thank you, I got a leaflet from ANC today saying they have two parcels for me, I came on here wondering what they were.

    Thanks again for solving that little mystery
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  • dihazdihaz Forumite
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    Thanx welsh dragon for clearing that up!:T
  • Thankyou very much - have just emailed them but reading through the thread I won't look for a reply fr a few days.
  • sarah*asarah*a Forumite
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    Hello I emailed them in the evening on 1st April, and they arrived today by ANC courier so very quick. They even sent me a letter thanking me for my interest.

    ANC - well at least i know whats in the parcel i'm waiting for tomorrow!

  • CharleneUKCharleneUK Forumite
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    I've got about 10 left as I'm too scared to use them at Tesco. All the SA's have been really reading every last letter on my coupons, so I don't think I'll try it.
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  • divadeedivadee Forumite
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    Wow thanks OP my stuff arrived today. I cant believe how much i received!!

    I got -

    24 posters (varying sizes and stuff)
    45 car stickers
    300 book tokens
    45 pencils
    45 pens
    45 rubbers
    2 mugs

    I cant believe the goody haul i got. Mr divadee is taking some stuff to work, and little miss divadee is going to take some to her class so the kids can take it home for their parents.

    I want to buy some of the quick reads (already have one of them0 whats the cheapest place to get them? I am sure i saw them cheap somewhere recently either 99p or 1.99 but cant remember where i think it might of been sainsburys. Any ideas?
  • weaverweaver Forumite
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    Great post welsh_dragon deserves a post of the month - so Im gonna nominate you - saving me a fortune

    Thanks to everyone who posts comps :T
  • barbie_babebarbie_babe Forumite
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    thanks got my parcels today .
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    weaver wrote:
    Great post welsh_dragon deserves a post of the month - so Im gonna nominate you - saving me a fortune


    Thank you weaver for your kind comments above, I'm just pleased that so many moneysavers have benefitted but not only them but the people around them too - all the best welshy x :beer:
    ;) I am the only Voucher Queen in my village LOL ;)
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