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Cheapest Way to Five a Day.

edited 7 July 2009 at 8:29PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • I find Aldi the cheapest for fresh stuff but as you're not near one I think you can do very well with Tesco and asda.

    On the NHS choices website there is a table of exactly what weight of dried, tinned, frozen, fresh and juiced fruit/veg/beans/pulses make 1 of your five a day. Using that info you can work out which products are the cheapest in terms of cost per portion rather than per kilo. It's sometimes surprising.

    I usually find fresh root vegetables to work out about 5p a portion (budget, bulk types) and frozen basics about 6p. Those are the cheapest I can find and what I use to bulk up most meals.

    Why do you want to emphasise raw food though? Cooking veg doesn't always destroy nutrients - sometimes it makes them more accessible. I think you need a mixture:)
  • Tesco's and Asda usually have quite a lot of reduced fruit and veg by the afternoon. Quite often we would buy straight after work and eat that night so it's not left to rot. Saves a lot of money getting it in the reduced section.
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    Hi Laura,

    We have an existing thread on the cheapest way to buy veg so I've added your thread to it to keep the advice together.

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