Privacy Alert! Opt your mobile out of new DQ services

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What's this about?

A new directory enquiries service, 118 800, has launched charging a shocking £1 per search for mobile numbers. This means if people want to contact you via it they can (they pay £1) it won't give out your number but will send a text to you with that persons details.

How to opt out of the service

If, like many people, you don't like the idea of anyone being put through to your mobile in this way, you can opt out.

  • Online for free. Alternatively remove your number from the list by entering your mobile number online. You will be texted a code which you'll need to enter online to confirm you're the owner of the phone.
  • Text at c.10p. You can text the letter 'E' to 118 800 from the mobile you don't want to be listed (standard network charges will apply).
What about kids' mobiles?

While the service's policy is not to hold data on anyone under the age of 18 if you've given your child a mobile registered in your name, outrageously the number can be accessed in the same way.

How did it get my number?

If you've ever ticked a form and given permission for companies to share your details, it's likely your number will be on the list. When you do this, these companies usually sell the lists on, which is how 118 800 got your number.

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  • id2did2d Forumite
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    But to opt out you have to tell them what your number is - If they didn't know your number before then you've just made them aware of it!

    Even with their assurances, do you trust them with it???

    Surely better to wait and see if you get any unwanted calls from them and only then opt-out rather than help them harvest even more numbers :confused:
  • simontay1984simontay1984 Forumite
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    If I try entering my name and town to check whether i'm listed on the site already, I just get an error page. I'm assuming from that - that they don't have me listed in their directory.

    After reading the FAQs about privacy (especially: I am ex-directory, so how can I be put back in the directory?), I understand that to be ex-directory just means I am listed as ex-directory, not actually removed from the site.

    I don't want to opt-out if I was never on the site at all by default in the first place so therefore by opting-out i'm kind of opting-in and giving them my details anyway that they may or may not already have.

    I hope you understand what i'm trying to say...
  • Just To Let You Guys Know Ornage Are Not Charging To Remove Yourself From This Website Via Text.
  • Simontay1984 - I don't understand what you are ex-directory from?

    If there has never been a publicly available directory of mobile numbers up till now, how can you be listed on it as ex-directory?

    Unless I am really getting this wrong, if someone is daft enough to pay a pound for the service, 118 800 will text you to let you know that someone is seeking your number. Surely at that point all you have to do is ignore or deny that request and the "problem" is solved?

    Personally I don't know enough people (who don't already have my number) who would be searching for it, so I don't expect to be pestered by this service.

    If I am grasping the wrong end of the stick, I would be grateful for enlightenment... :think:
  • raisenraisen Forumite
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    118 800 will text you to let you know that someone is seeking your number. Surely at that point all you have to do is ignore or deny that request and the "problem" is solved?

    The message from Martin said that 118800 would send the person a text with your details in it, not a text to you telling you that someone wants to contact you.

    You don't put any details in apart from your mobile number, so I don't see how you are giving them any extra info.
    Surely you are just saying this is the number, please don't include it.
  • PlutoinCapricornPlutoinCapricorn Forumite
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    I too was alarmed when I first heard about this, but have decided that the best thing is to do nothing as they probably have not got my number anyway.

    I will wait and see if I get any texts before opting out.

    In the meantime, I will be extra careful about ticking the box where you request that your details are not passed on.
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  • mineallminemineallmine Forumite
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    Just read this on their front page:

    "Search here to find out if we have the mobile phone number of your contact. If we do, we text them with your details so they can call you back. We never give out the mobile numbers of people in our directory to protect privacy."

    Hope this helps clarify things. Looks like it's not available yet either.
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  • This is what it says in their FAQ:-

    When you search on, we’ll send an SMS message to the person you’re seeking givng them your contact details so they can call you back.
  • sunil1234sunil1234 Forumite
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    says enter the code from the text within a few mins. Its taken 25 minutes for the text to come through lol!
  • SunnydaySunnyday Forumite
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    Well it found myself and a colleague straight away :eek:

    Just waiting for the opt out number from the text now :D


    Planning on starting the GC again soon :p
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