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Recycling tips



  • ssherlock
    The site is back up now ( and a Green Johanna is basically a huge compost bin with air vents, sealable lid, stirring stick and rat proof bottom. From the picture on the site it looks a bit of a beast!
  • stu_c_2
    RE: Carrier Bags for Bin Bags.

    I tend to sort plastic bags into two categories, biodegradeable for use in my waste bin and all other standard plastic bags get reused (when shopping) and then go in the supermarket bag recycling bins when beyond further use.
  • personpaul
    Wow.....My First Post!!!!!

    Hi folks. I have been a keen recycler for about 7 or 8 years now, and am slowly trying to persuade everyone I know to re-use or recycle as much as possible.

    My big problem is with expanded polystyrene packaging. At work I have convinced my staff to recycle as well, but we end up with bags full of polystyrene packaging, which inevitably will end up being landfilled. It is the same at home, if you buy flat-pack furniture or appliances, there is often big chucks of polystyrene. Are there any facilities for recycling this product, or any campaigns to get it replaced by more "friendly" materials (such as the air filled bags). It always seems such a waste of resources, as I know polystyrene, or indeed any plastics use a lot of water and energy to make.
  • Lillibet_2
    Lillibet_2 Posts: 3,364 Forumite
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    Only thing I know to do with it is use it for drainage instead of gravel at the bottom of plant pots but obviously this only uses very limited amounts.
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  • Ticklemouse
    Ticklemouse Posts: 5,030 Forumite
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    Thanks for that tip Lillibet - now I know what to save it for. I have lots of pots and luckily only a limited supply of polystyrene.
  • BG_Porgy
    BG_Porgy Posts: 55 Forumite
    Dear Personpaul, yes there are facilities for recycling polystyrene but usually difficult to find. Drinks cup people do it and they are made into pens, key fobs etc But as you can imagine it is not economic. the cost of transport is prohibitive as is storage
    One hope on the horizon is that they will all be made out of biodegradable material such as corn starch which can be composted at home There are already some in use but it needs pressure on industry from us to make them change Bio Bags are made from corn starch And there has been a recent voluntary agreement in sections of industry to move to using bio degradable packaging. The more the merrier The sooner the better
    Hope this holds out some ray of hope for you

    BG Porgy
  • personpaul
    I've just remembered another nightmare packaging material, though not used much anymore.

    It's like the polyurethane foam that builders use for sealing gaps. It's sprayed into the box, moulding itself around the goods. It sticks to everything, and obviously cannot be re used, recycled or re anything. So the box and filling - that cannot be easily compressed - heads straight for the bin.

    The sooner that companies who distribute goods become more environmentally aware the better - I just hate throwing things away!!!
  • climbgirl
    climbgirl Posts: 1,504 Forumite
    A few years ago, my friend started what we now refer to as Black Bag Nights. You get a group of people (5 or 6 is a good number), everyone brings along their unwanted clothes, shoes, and other assorted belongings and they all go into a pile. Each item is held up and claimed (or put into the Fight Pile if more than one person wants it!) and anything left over goes to charity shops.
    It's a fantastic way of clearing out your belongings and picking up some new items for free! You'd be surprised at what you get from these nights. A good fun night too.
  • tiff
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    Some councils give their compost bins free, so I emailed Bristol city council asking why some councils did this and others such as Bristol charge £17. This was their reply

    Bristol City Council has run this compost bin offer since 1997, and has sold over 15,000 bins over this period. The bins that are sold are sold at cost, and therefore do not cost the Council Tax payers anything extra within their bills. As the bins are sold at cost, the Council does not make any money on the offer either.

    The main reason why the Council decided to charge for bins, is that it felt that it would be unfair for residents who do not have a garden, and therefore cannot compost at home, to subsidise those residents who do have a garden. Therefore, the decision was made to charge for bins at cost, which is still over 50% cheaper than compost bins that can be bought in other stores.

    Also, research has shown that if schemes give away compost bins, only 75% of them are used regularly, whereas those who have paid for a bin, take ownership of it and are more likely to use it (between 95 and 100%).

    Now they've explained why, I can see their point, especially the last comment about those that get them free mostly dont use them regularly.
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  • tonyivb
    tonyivb Posts: 214 Forumite
    A wierd one here, but if you get wooden chopsticks with your Chinese takeaway then here are a couple of uses...

    Take a pencil sharpener to the end and you can then use them as skewers on the BBQ (soak them for a few hours first to stop them burning).

    They make handy paint strirrers.

    One other thing, if you get paper carrier bags then use them for the waste from your paper shredder, so it can go in the recycling box without making a mess.
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