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Recycling tips



  • Lucie_2
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    Empty margarine cartons make excellent storage containers.   I found out by accident that the writing on the outside of some brands can be removed by spraying with fairy power spray,

    You don't even need to bother with the fairy power spray anntics, a good rub down with a pan scrubber or even better a spontex should do the trick. It's a bit more elbow grease (not much though) but better for your purse & the environment.
  • dbs
    dbs Posts: 492 Forumite
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    Few years ago I always use to take my old aluminium beer cans to a scrap metal dealer use to get £3 to £5
    which I put into my kids bank account.(I did use to drink a lot back then.)

    I stop doing this because all scrap metal prices fell.

    Due to the China effect most scrap metal prices are at an all time high so it might pay to save steel and aluminium cans I used to crush them for easy storage then take them to your local scrap metal dealer who will take small amounts and get paid for recycling.
  • You can get your printer cartridges refilled at around £5.49 for black and white and £9.99 for colour at :-

    We try so hard to recycle everything in our house now, it comes as a huge disappointment when we have to throw something away !
  • Galtizz
    Galtizz Posts: 1,016 Forumite
    At my local Asda there used to be a can collecting lorry used to come around once a month (first Monday in the month or something) and they used to give you 1p per can.

    Not sure if they still do it but last time I heard about it was only about 6 months ago - might be worth asking about at your local Asda, not sure if it was run by Asda or by a local firm.

    Might not get as much money as the scrap merchants but it might be more convenient for some people.
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  • Sarahsaver
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    Charity shops are usually grateful for carrier bags. You can make them into strips and knit or weave them into bags/rugs/tablemats...
    We have to recycle because of a bag collection scheme which takes paper, card, tin and plastic, but its fairly easy, and the kids have the hang of it already.
    I am saving jam jars for when i finally get round to making chutney out of the pumpkin i have ;D
    Honestly I cannot be bothered recycling wine bottles, and im told our local authority sorts the refuse anyway. I would have to walk out of my way to get to a bottle bank. As for paper i put it in the recycling, but i understand there is actually TOO MUCH paper put for recycling these days.
    My kids class loves bubble wrap. They have it on a table for the little ones to pop, and once a huge sheet i donated became the floor of an 'orange room' the teachers made, in which everything was orange, and the floor popped as they walked in. Magic ;D
    Ive found log makers on the net, but at nearly 30 quid i have to have a think about that one!
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    I have done reading too!
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  • klondyke
    klondyke Posts: 463 Forumite
    Before putting banana skins in the composter you can use them to clean the leaves of your glossy plants such as cheesplants, umbrella plants, etc.

    They're good for cleaning leather shoes, too ;D
  • This Christmas (just gone) I have started to use Christmas ecards to save using so many cards that just get thrown and also to save on postage costs. I know that some people do not like e cards but then I figure the environment is more important and I feel great that I am stopping some profit being made by the card companies at least, and saving a bit myself too.

    Dont forget to recyle your christmas tree, our council (Monmouth) collects them.
  • Galtizz
    Galtizz Posts: 1,016 Forumite
    I love real Christmas trees (you can't beat the smell) but I don't like the idea of cutting a tree down just for decoration (although 1 is planted in it's place) so this Christmas just gone I bought a little tree with roots (it was only 2'4") I'm going to plant it in a pot in the garden and bring it in each year I recon it'll grow about 1' a year so I should get 4 - 5 more years out of it before it gets too big for my house.

    Plus, buying a tree each year for 6 years would cost at least £60 and my little tree only cost £15 + £5 for a huge pot to plant it in gives a saving of at least £40!
    When life hands you a lemon, make sure you ask for tequilla and salt ;)
  • Squidgy
    Squidgy Posts: 684 Forumite
    my mum and dad had a real christmas tree this year. I am devasted that they are just going to throw it away, and nothing I say is making them change their minds.

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  • culpepper
    culpepper Posts: 4,076 Forumite
    There was an article about giving your christmas trees to the zoo the other day on TV ,cant remember which zoo it was but they were going to shred the trees to use as ground cover in the wolves enclosure as the branches and leaves help cushion their feet and stop them getting infections.
    I think the centre for alternative technology in Norfolk also recycle christmas trees to use in their organic garden compost.
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