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Stardrops..I have seen the light!



  • mum26
    mum26 Posts: 1,485 Forumite
    It's great for vinyl flooring too, leaves it nice and shiny, no "mop marks" :D
  • Reading this thread reminds me of my nanna sending me to the corner shop for some Stardrops when my bubble mixure (the kind you blow through a small hoop) ran out. I can remeber actually going to get the stuff and her filling up the tub. It was over thirty years ago. Thanks for the tip on the stardrops and the microfibre cleaning clothes, I too am converted and love the smell.
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  • Glitterari
    Glitterari Posts: 597 Forumite
    Ok, am convinced now...will buy a bottle next time at supermarket.

    Can you use it to clean windows for a streak free finish? If so how (is it like wipe it on then newspaper it off or something?)

    Also...I see people have used it on car upholstery - my passenger seat needs cleaning! How do you use it for that - 1 cap full and how to apply it? Sorry for being dense but never had to clean upholstery before (I'm 25!)

    What other things can it do?

    Why do you need the microfibre cleaning cloths?

    Carly xxxxxxxx
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  • billieboy_2
    billieboy_2 Posts: 1,361 Forumite
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    Glitterari wrote:
    Can you use it to clean windows for a streak free finish? If so how (is it like wipe it on then newspaper it off or something?)

    Why do you need the microfibre cleaning cloths?

    Carly xxxxxxxx
    I think you just need the microfibre cloths for windows. Use with warm/hot water then when it's nearly dry buff up with a dry microfibre cloth. Leaves them smear free and shiny!
  • louB_5
    louB_5 Posts: 249 Forumite
    I have been a fan of stardops for quite some time now, but I have coverted another!

    My sister who's 15 has been staying with us over the holidays and has been cleaning whilst we have been at work :A and she has absolutley raved about it! She has actually told mom that she needs to get some for their house!

    I might introduce her to microfibre clothes tomorrow! :D
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  • Ive been using star dops for a couple of weeks now - got them from wilkinsins when they were first recomended on this site.
    I've used an old spray bottle and added some start drops and water to spray my kitchen worktops.
    My MIL has told me that there are other stardrop products tho - one containing disinfectant and one containing bleach ???? Wondered if any of you have used these? Ive looked in my local wilkinsons but they only have the original stardrops, but in morrisons they have a white stardrops - called starclens I think ? I didnt buy it as I wasnt sure what Id use it for and if it would be of any use.

    So thought if anyone would know it would be you lot !

    Karen x
  • nearlyrich
    nearlyrich Posts: 13,698 Forumite
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    I was looking for some in Tesco today but they don't sell it, I got some in the local bargain shop and they had all the flavours.

    I have used it before but not for ages, I'm going to have a big cleaning day tomorrow so if you see me on here tell me off LOL.
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  • I'm just a bit ??? as to what Id use the other 'flavours' for.
    I cant beleive how much money Ive been wasting on bathroom/kitchen cleaners pre my stardrop days.
    (and my MIL face when i said Id been buying/using stardrops was priceless !)
  • shammyjack
    shammyjack Posts: 2,685 Forumite
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    Starclen contains Ammonia not Bleach !

    A very powerfull product but not dangerous, if you have sensative skin it would just make it red and a bit tender. For myself being an old " Rhino " I can use it undiluted with bare hands.

    Try using instead of oven cleaner, use a spray bottle on a warm oven and then rinse-wipe after 30 minutes .

  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 17,413 Forumite
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    justin138 wrote:
    Bought our first bottle Saturday! I'm impressed already :) Asda 58p (probably ripped off as usual)

    you got a result as S:mad: ainsburys in Hempstead Valley nr Chatham charge 75p for a bottle
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