The great ‘Cheap cuppa’ hunt: Your top (PG?) Tips to bag cheap tea

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PG Tips says it'll hike tea prices by up to 15% next month due to supply problems, and while the cost of a cuppa is, and will remain, relatively cheap, you could stock up now.

So we thought we'd ask MoneySavers to report tea tips and bargains.

Have you spotted a bargain beverage?
Do you find own brand teas tastier in the first place?
How many times can you reuse bags?

Click reply to discuss.

To get you started here's an offer we've spotted:

Tetley Tea bags are 100% extra free in Somerfield (160 bags for the price of 80) between Wed 20 May to Tue 2 June. The packet costs £2.09.

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  • calleyw
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    Sainsburys Red Label Half price £1.34 for 160 bags.

    Buy it for my husband and have even converted my mum to it.

    Also iceland are doing Twinings everyday tea 100 bags for £1.

    Can't tell you when the offers run out. Never drink it myself makes me want to go :eek:


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  • eslick
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    Ringtons tea is the best around and they even deliver to your door
  • nic_nac_
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    I love my cuppa's and generally just buy whatever is on offer, i'm using Asda's own make 160 two packs for £3 just now and they are just as good as the brand names in my opinion.:D
  • Obukit
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    Sainsbury's basics tea is 28p for 80 bags. Fairtrade and tastes pretty good (much better than the Tesco equivalent).

    I'm sure they must make a loss on it and only have the price set to match Tescos, so it's a real bargain.
  • Tosquito
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    Having tried almost every type of Supermarket Brand Earl Grey Tea,
    I can honestly say that Twinings is awful, Morrisons and the Co-op are not great either,
    M&S is rather good and Sainsburys is good too.

    Reason for not liking any but the last 2, is the after taste that you get from the other brands.
    How the tea tastes comes above price any day.

    This may only be helpful to any Earl Grey Tea Drinkers.
    But it can't be just me that drinks it.

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  • andy2004
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    always buy PG Tips here, and always when its on offer, 240bags for £3, usually iceland, asda, last time it was on offer we bought 11boxs. 10 from asda and 1 from iceland. about a week later when i went shopping up there, and looking in tesco's saw the price was £4.54 for the same box, believe the price is down again, just checked there website. 240bags for £3.
  • MSE_Martin
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    In the double downshift programme I did for ITV1. We changed the families tea bag from a premium brand to Sainsbury basics - and they didnt notice. Food for thought. :) (and tea for tuppence)
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  • joan1
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    A few thoughts on the above.Aim to buy tea bags at a penny each or less. Just late last year,Somerfield were doing 240 bags of Tetley for £2.Very good everyday tea.One of our local shops in the midlands,Home Bargains used to have Ainsley Harriott`s own brand tea for around 1P each bag.It`s probably the best i`ve ever bought.They don`t have it now and i`ve never seen it elsewhere.Beware of good brands like Ty-Phoo that are often sold as "1 cup" for around a penny each.They are clearly not the same as their "regular" product.I agree with most of the other postings but i did buy Asda`s own brand tea recently(240 for £2) and was very disappointed.
    Will try Sainsbury`s cheap bags as recommended as at 28p for 80 it`s not much loss if they are not so good!
    PS. Just tried Sainsbury`s as above.Amazing value and a very satisfactory taste.Almost as good or as good as bags costing four times as much!
  • nesssie1702
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    Tosquito wrote: »
    Having tried almost every type of Supermarket Brand Earl Grey Tea,
    I can honestly say that Twinings is awful, Morrisons and the Co-op are not great either,
    M&S is rather good and Sainsburys is good too.

    This may only be helpful to any Earl Grey Tea Drinkers.
    But it can't be just me that drinks it.

    Ah, but we're all different! Is your critique of loose leaf tea or tea bags?

    I quite like Twinings and Morrison's Earl Grey tea bags :D.

    Can't stand M&S and Asdas, as they seem to dip the teabags in a dye/flavour which leaves a nasty taste in your mouth (Which would suggest that it's normal tea and it's the teabag that's got the bergamot on it?)

    I should maybe try the loose leaf stuff, as it's meant to make the better cuppa, the dross left over is used in tea bags!
  • sackcloth
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    Having been a lifelong PG Tips drinker, and now living on limited funds, we've recently switched to Sainsburys Red Label following on from Martin's programme about down-shifting. The large boxes are on special offer at the moment and the taste is no different from the PG ones. Although they do taste better knowing that they are considerably cheaper...!! :j
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