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Batter down your annual mobile costs article Discussion Area

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  • TimbollaTimbolla Forumite
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    Phoned up Vodafone about my wifes phones contract (end of 12 months) and got sorry sir we don't do Nokia 6111 on contract. Got PAC number for her phone, but my account had 6 months left to run :-( so no upgrade.
    Got customer rententions calling me back and I said that it was not convenient and could they call back in 24 hours (make em sweat whilst I got my best deals sorted). Call arrived and it was again sorry sir can't do the Nokia 6111 not even on PAYG for you. So, I said well it looks as if my custom is going elsewhere for both accounts.
    Silence on end of phone and he said would you like an upgrade? Well you could have knocked me down with a feather so thinking fast on feet I mentioned that I had 6 months to go he said that was no problem. So, with a bit of negotiation (um and ahh and I am not sure works wonders) I have got myself the phone that I wanted a Qtek 9100 mini PDA (£400 of mini PC/PDA phone) [] for free and if I wanted could have got the top of the line Qtek 9000 (£550 3G PC/PDA phone) [] also for free. OK I don't get a cheap contract now because of this, but my 18 month contract has turned into 12 month and I get a phone for free that I would normally have to pay £50 to £100. Me I am happy.
    Also, it is something for people to think about if they want to sell on E-Bay as the 9100 sells on there for £260 and the 9000 sells for £350 to £400 so you could pay for your 12 month contract in one go. Note these are the names that Vodafoen use, but T-mobile, O2 and Orange also do their own branded version of them.
  • l0i0a0ml0i0a0m Forumite
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    Recently have come to the end of a 12 months contract with Orange. £35 a month for 200 x-net mins and 120 texts (poor i know). i was routinely paying £50 a month. After extensive net research gave them a call. They refused to come anywhere near a decent offer. I could get 400 x-net mins, 250 texts and a new motorola V3xi for just under £15 a month with 3 on a 12 month contract. The best Orange could do was 500 x-net mins 260 texts for £30, with just a crappy upgrade phone.
    The chap claimed that they don't price-match with 3, because 3 have to entice customers with lower prices because their coverage and customer service was so poor. when i pointed out that that was misleading, as 3 uses O2's coverage when their's is not availiable, he didn't have much to say. I also told him that if that paltry offer was the best Orange's Customer Services could come up with then i would rather take my chances with 3. So I have!
    What exactly is up with Orange? i assumed we lived in a free market. If they are not competative, what incentive does a comsumer have to stay? the lad seemed very put out by my selfish desire not to pay Orange £500 a year!!
  • Four weeks before the end of my contract I did a little research into phones etc and found the handset I wanted to upgrade to and look on the internet to see what kind of deals were available with it. I didnt think I would be able to haggle with 02 as the phone I wanted was only available on that network but hey, it was worth a try. The Link were offering it on an O2 200 minutes, 50 text messages for £30 a month, half price line rental for 3 months and the handset free. I rang up O2 and asked to upgrade to the Samsung Z320i - they told me I could at a cost of £120. I told them I wasnt willing to pay that so she knocked the price down to 60. That still wasnt good enough, so I told her the Link were offering it for free on an O2 200 deal (I am on an O2 200 deal but mine has 500 text messages rather than only 50) and half price line rental. Very quickly my account was credited with £200 pounds, the equivalent of half price line rental for 12 months. Apparently the £60 cost of the phone would be deducted from that, leaving me £140 to pay my bills for 4 months. Bargain - I only wanted the phone for free!
  • Hi everyone, in December my husband's contract was finishing with Orange. He went to the local shop to haggle and/or upgrade to a newer phone. They phoned Orange whoever and was told no-can-do.

    At home he phoned Orange and they said no. He is on the £25 pcm tariff with X-net calls etc and doesn't use all of his allowance so I guess they thought he was not earning a new phone through the year!

    He went back to the orange shop and cancelled his contract started up a new contract that had 6 months half line rental plus £50 off for and old handset and charger (it was old too!) and got the D600 that he wanted. The crazy thing was that it was all on the same paperwork, the cancellation and the new contract. :confused: He had to have a new phone number, but like I said, it only used a bit of his call allowance to let everyone know!

    So two good things, he got what he wanted
    and I got the D500 he had and slapped my PAYG simcard in it!! :j

    Where there's a will, there's a way!

    ps with my £2 collection a couple of years ago, I passed my bike test!
    I'm way beyond scared, I'm somewhere between bedwetting and a near death experience
  • So, contract with Orange is up at the end of next month, sick and tired of regularly paying £50 on a supposedly '£30 a month' contract and in need of a new phone anyway as mine is getting on a bit - so decided to call them and try to get myself a better deal.

    Called them, got put through to someone in customer service, and followed the script to the letter referring to T Mobile's Flext offer (trying to get 600 minutes and 600 texts per month for £26.25). The young man was very nice, but he was very insistent that I could not have what I was asking for. What I was trying to do of course was get put through to 'Disconnections' so that they could offer me the proper deals and make a genuine attempt at getting me to stay. All the time, being very nice and polite.

    Finally... 'I do wish to stay with Orange, but if you can't offer me anything better than this tariff I am going to have to leave.' At which point, I was hung up on! Out of nowhere, and with no actual cause (I certainly wasn't being abusive or even particularly pushy). Just simply hung-up on.

    Which leaves me to ask the question... do Orange actually want to keep any of their customers past a year? Or is it a case of only keeping customers so long as they don't look elsewhere and keep their heads in the sand, renewing the same deal blindly year-in-year-out? I was on 3 before this and they had appalling customer service on all counts - but they at least tried to keep a customer!
  • I used this technique with NTL - using TalkTalk's deal as a bargaining chip - and got free broadband (was £24.99).

    Details in the telephone forum.
  • Called O2 today and got a few offers from them. Best one was 500 mins, 300 texts and free phone for £25 per month. I accepted, then they realised that I'm an O2 Online customer and they couldn't give me that.

    Phoned back later, said I wasn't happy about it being given to me then taken off me, and I got 500 mins, 300 texts for £30 per month and £60 credit (so effectively it still works out at £25 per month).

    It took 4 phonecalls, but I got there in the end. Perserverance is all it takes!
  • fellakelfellakel Forumite
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    WOW- originally i was on O2 400 mins with 50 texts paying £45 per month. I phoned up to say about changing tariffs as my bills were too much. I was offered 500mins and 100 texts for £35. Not bad so far £10 per month less with extra mins and texts. I wanted the new XDA iq phone, i was quoted £99 to pay for it.
    After saying it was still too much, can they come back to me with there best offer or i will need my pac code, i THEN got 500 mins, 100texts for £17.50 for the whole year (on a 12month ctc) and the phone for Free.

    very pleased!!
  • lhindslhinds Forumite
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    OK - So I thought I would share with you my experiences of the phone tarrif discussion. I have been with T-Mobile for quite a few years now, and always upgrade to a new phone every year.

    In the last few years I have been opting to reduce my monthly bill instead. I am 750mins of free calls (T' mobile and national only), and always have been - I was extreamly pleased to find out that they could reduce my tarrif to 3.99.

    Last year I called them and asked what they could do as I was comming into 11 months (don't foget you do not have to wait the full 12 months), and to my surprise they said I could have the tarriff for FREE!!! Yes... FREENESS. I now resigned another 12 months for FREENESS AGAIN! :j

    To make things better, I am on mix-it to ensure I don't go over my monthly limit (which I don't anyway). The whole of last year I topped up with £15, and that was only an emercency as I was in another country and had no choice!

    What I don't understand is what are they planning to get out of me (apart from loyalty, (which means nothing these days)? A tarrif at £0.00p per month means that I could still go with someone else if I wanted to, and not be out-of-pocket.
  • sanjaymazsanjaymaz Users Awaiting Email Confirmation
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    Hey there, I tried Martin's deal with O2 and it definitely works. They offered to match the 3 tariff, throw in a new phone and even credit my account with £100 and I could ask for a cheque back for this once credited!!

    However, on snooping around I found something even better for someone who is organised. There are deals out there where you can get cashback of 12 months line rental on a 12 month contract!! Ok, so you don't get the best free phone but a year's worth of mobile at no cost - I can't imagine a better deal.

    What it does require is some organisation. You need to return your bills to either the service provider or retailer in a timely manner. My deal on T mobile Flext35 requires me to return bills after 4, 8 and 12 months to get my cashback cheque at which point I'm going to try to find one more of these.

    Now, as a true moneysaving person, I'm happy to tell you the website I use (see end of article) but you could all do me a favour and send me your email address to [email protected] and I can recommend you as a friend and then I'll get another £20.

    Anyway, hope this helps.


    Website used:
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