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Batter down your annual mobile costs article Discussion Area

edited 14 June 2010 at 3:35PM in Mobiles
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  • mikeydmikeyd Forumite
    69 posts
    Just phoned o2 - was on the o2 200 tariff at £30/month (£20 after cashback scheme from phones4u).
    I phoned up and told them I don't use anywhere near that many minutes and was thinking of downgrading to PAYG.
    They offered to drop the tariff to o2 100 and give me that for just £10/month and then seeing as I didnt want a handset upgrade they credited my account £100 so I have effectively for 100mins + 100 texts a month for £20 for the entire year.

    Thank you Martin
  • Hi,

    I've been reading all posts with interest, especially after the nightmare I've been having with T-Mobile. Here's why...

    I've been a customer with them for over 5 years, and haven't had ANY upgrades since I signed up (ie for at least the last 4 years, I've been paying over the odds for my phone calls). My monthly bills are never lower than £40pm, sometimes as high as £100pm.

    Anyway, I finally decide it's time to upgrade, and to go for a new MDA Pro, which is no cheap phone. Over the last couple of months, I've tried to get T-Mobile to offer me the phone for cheaper than I can buy it from them if I was a new customer, considering my history. Not a CHANCE! They couldn't even match the price for new customers! I was even told that it would cost me £325 for the phone, despite it being on offer on a similar tarriff with them for £99.99!!! :confused:

    Anyway, I thought I'd try again, trying to get the same Relax 35 + web n walk tariff that's available to new customers on their site. After getting nowhere, I decide it's time to disconnect. I get through to disconnections, who asks me why (to which she heard a massive rant about how incompetent they've all been!), and she says "what if I can match that tarriff that you're after?". I say, "well, you'd be the first of about 10 people that have 'tried' but go nowhere, so GO FOR IT!". She comes back with "I can do it! I'll send you out the phone straight away!".

    Cool, so I get the phone today, spend ages setting it up (since it was locked when it got to me and I had to call for a 'special' code). Then, I log onto my account and see that my monthly tarriff is the FULL rate (ie NOT the discounted rate as available to new customers). I call back to complain, and it took the same operator over 12 hours to get back to me (called me at 21:15!). She now tells me she made a mistake, and I can't have that tarriff, but if I send the phone back under the "7 day agreement", we can start again with the right tarriff. I tell her this is unacceptable, and quite frankly, not logical. Why do they need me to send the phone back, only to send it back to me?? I then think, what if I go for the business tarriff? This will solve all the issues (as I mostly use it for business, and their customer care is supposed to be better). I ask her if this will resolve the issue without me having to send the phone back, and she says yes.

    So I call the business line who say absolutely nothing is possible unless I send the phone back, and in order to then connect with them as a business customer on the advertised tarriffs on their site, I'll have to lose my number. I tell her how ridiculous this is, seeing as I'd be able to port the no over if I was coming over from another network. She says "oh, that's different, because it's from a different network, and you're a T-Mobile customer!". I then tell her "but I'm a PERSONAL customer, moving over to a BUSINESS tarriff". It made no difference to her. I eventually spoke to her "manager" who was even less helpful. Essentially, they were giving me NO options but to leave.

    The problem is, I need the web n walk side of the tarriff, because no one else seems to offer such a good deal. I'm SERIOUSLY angry with T-Mobile for treating a good customer so badly, but I refuse to be beaten, so I'm considering this...

    Buying a Pay As You Go sim card on another network, moving my number over to that, sending back the new MDA under the 7 day agreement, and then coming back as a "NEW" business customer!! Wonder if it'll work!! :cool:
  • jparnelljparnell Forumite
    41 posts
    I just thought I would provide my bit input to the thread - seeing as I have now benefitted from it.
    My O2 contract has just come to an end, so I therefore phoned O2 customer services to see what they were able to offer me.
    I said that another operator were able to offer me 500 txts and 200mins and a free Samsung D600 for £20 / month (bit of a porky). I was then passed on to the retentions dept, who I explained the story again to. Without even thinking about it, the operator offered me exactly the same for £15 / month, and any phone I wanted. I took chose the D600, which looks like it will arrive tomorrow.
    I'm now one very happy customer! I currently have the D500 which I will sell for around £80, therefore effectively making my contract £8 a month
  • nailmannailman Forumite
    56 posts
    just wondering what the best deals are at the moment for pay monthly customers

    i am currently with orange i pay 25 pounds a month for 500 anytime cross network minutes the wifes on the same tariff

    the wife manages to use all her minutes (no surprise there)
    but i only manage about 250 minutes a month

    is this a good deal, ive been told it is but i feel it might be worth me cancelling my contract and leave the wife on this tarrif

    or is there better out there
  • olly_2olly_2 Forumite
    41 posts
    I have been thinking over my situation with vodafone,where i get 125 mins/250 txt,12 month contract £20 month expires end of this month,but to do this batter down my contract talk,i cannot find any better deals out there,and willing to stay put,but just want a upgrade without paying for it.

    Do you think its best to porky as jparnell did,or any other way of me getting the upgrade to a w900i for free,as its a very new phone which is £110 to a new customer,with my tariff now up to £25 month,on a 12 month contract :confused: ,as not keen on 18 month contracts?? any ideas people. ;)
  • i currently get 240 mins, 1000 txts 4 £25pm, it does work they wish to keep you more than you know, however point to remember when u call up make out u wish to cancel your contract not that your looking to renew it or they wont give a monkeys!
  • olly_2olly_2 Forumite
    41 posts
    Needstoknow,Is that currently with vodafone?
    Was going to try for 200 mins/300txt and say i can get the w900i phone for £30, off another network,and still only £[email protected] what you reckon!
  • I thought that I'd keep people informed of what happened with my own saga...

    When I called T-mobile to get my PAC code so that I could temporarily move my no onto a Pay As You Go phone in order to carry out my plan, initially they tried to make things difficult (by saying I'd have to wait for a DSR pack in order to send my phone back first, via the 7-day rule), but then I got a call back a few mins later, and they told me that they were FINALLY willing to give me the same deal as new customers get, in order to keep me!! :D

    So, there IS a way around the "Brand new customers only!" lark!! Just be prepared to go right the way through to cancellation, and if they're not prepared to play ball, then you're better off moving, anyway...
  • :beer: Cheers Martin for your excellent advice! I have been with O2 for about a year and decided to have a go at "battering down my contract" I was paying £40 a month for 200 mins and 400 texts. After a bit of haggling with the very nice lady in customer retentions, I managed to get 500 X-net mins and 400 texts for £25 a month plus a snazzy new Nokia 6111! I am very pleased with myself! and suggest everyone has a go!
  • I have been with Orange for 3+ years and only upgraded the phone once, about 17 months ago.

    Just managed to change from 120minutes no free texts for £25 to 200 minutes, 100 free 'bonus' minutes, 100 texts, new Motorola Pebl and a free blue tooth handset.

    3rd time I have tried to get this in the last month, first decent retention person on the other end of the phone.
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