MONEY MORAL DILEMMA. Would you write a bad review about a friendly B&B?

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    If you write an honest review then its not Bad just the truth
    But I would say something to the owners whilst there.
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    I would complain about the cockroaches to the owners first and see what they intend to do to eradicate the problem. If they seem to be genuinely pro-avtive about it, I might delay my review until they have had a chance to rectify matters and can show evidence that things have been done (pest control paperwork/receipts).

    I would expect a full refund and I would book again at a not too distant date that would allow the problem to have gone and then I would base my review on the second stay.

    If the article has a due date, I would fill in with a different article about B & Bs in that area in general or re-vamp an older one.

    If the owners show an attitude that it was just an unfortunate incident and these things happen but give no indication of any intention to put things right, then I would be typing up quite a frank description of my stay - including all the good things as well as the bad.
  • Clark58Clark58 Forumite
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    Hello again Friends,

    Never mind the Cockroaches, it's those pesky Rats you want to worry about! But seriously, first of all I would have to go straight to the proprietors whom I imagine will fall over themselves to put things right. Cockroaches are resilient little so-and-so's, apparantly they can even resist radiation. However, this does not negate the duty of care the business has to its customers, and I for one do not wish to share my room with these little intruders.

    Compensation is, I would think, a quite reasonable request. In the website report I would have to be completely honest and say there was a problem, but also stress if it had been resolved quickly and efficiently. I would also say what nice people they were, and that doing business was a pleasure. If the problem was not resolved however... I fear we may be left with only one alternative... Send in Kim and Aggie!!!

    With Kindest Regards,

  • we were in a similar situation recently - not cockroaches admittedly but definitely sub-standard for the price - tiny room (cat swinging not an option), poor ensuite, mingy breakfast etc but really friendly and were keen to get our feedback to help their website. In the end we did the cowardly thing and just didn't rate it at all. Would have been better perhaps not to rate it but to contact them afterwards with some of our concerns, alongside the positive stuff about the friendly welcome...
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  • I'd bring it to the owners' attention, so that they could sort out the problem.
  • shubhshubh Forumite
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    Instead of writing bad review just for this type of occurrence, I would bring it into the notice of admn staff and would suggest measures to improve hygiene conditions.
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  • There is utterly no point in reviewing such places unless the review is honest, so . . the cockroaches get a mention.
  • boopydooboopydoo Forumite
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    I would mention it to the owners and gauge their response- I would then review both aspects. If they acted quickly, were apologetic and offered some sort of compensation then mention all of these in the review but you would definitely have to mention it.

    You also have to tell the owners as often they won't be aware of a problem until it is pointed out to them.
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