MONEY MORAL DILEMMA. Would you write a bad review about a friendly B&B?

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    I agree - with so little business they should have more time to clean and maintain the property and be aware of such problems. Afterall, they wouldn't reduce the price for your "extra guests"!

    Alternatively, you could mention to them the cockroaches which then gives them a chance to do something about it for the next guests. Having grown up in Australia - cockroaches are everywhere there due to the weather and they are rank! Worse than mice!!! I mean, they eat each others dead flat mates - starting with the head!!!!!
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    'They're really quite beautiful as well once you get to know them.'

    Er, except they can carry dysentry, gastro-enteritis, typhoid...

    I would give the owners the chance to deal with the problem but nothing would induce me to stay in that room.
  • Of course you'd write an honest review and mention the cockroaches - the b&b may lose business but what about all the other travellers who spent their hard-earned cash to stay there?
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    The friendliness of the owners isn't relevant. What would you do if you were staying in an expensive hotel? My guess would be the very first thing you'd do is complain. You wouldn't check out the following day having said nothing.

    And that's exactly what you should do here. Tell the owners straight away. Then see how they handle it. Do they move you to another room? Do they offer financial compensation? Do they immediately call in the bug extermination company? Or do they do nothing at all?

    When you've seen what action they take - then, and only then, should you write your review. That way you are being fair to them and fair to yourself.
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    In the past I have reported this sort of thing on a site - it wasn't cockroaches but it was a very unsatisfactory room (water coming through the ceiling was only part of it!). At the same time the people were friendly and helpful, only I didn't go there to be their special friend, I went there to get a decent room. I did mention their helpfulness but made it clear that this was not a good stay. Other travellers deserve honesty - what's the point of feedback if you cover up problems?
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    To me it would depend on the general cleanliness of the B/B. If the owners maintained a general high level of hygiene, then I would guess they too would be shocked to learn about the 'roaches and immediately do something about it. It would be only be fair to let them know privately. My review would then be based on their reaction to the problem, probably along the lines of "When informed about a problem, the owner responded immediately and positively".
    If there was evidence of poor hygiene or neglect to the property then I would still inform the owners, but also realise my duty to the travelling public.
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    There is a very simple solution: inform them of the problem...
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    I think I would inform them of the problem. And tell them that as they are very friendly and sincere I wont write ANY review this time. I wouldnt lie by writing an A+ one when I was a tad unhappy with the bugs. I should imaging the owners would be pretty understanding and would seek to resolve the problem. Stuff like this cant always be helped. They are no different really to any other bug, I mean what if you saw 3 flys in the room? Same thing really.

    And for me, if I stayed somewhere, it was reasonably priced and the couple were very friendly and something like this had happened. I think I would feel gutless if I wrote a bad review. As they are clearly trying their hardest to battle through the recession. Something as silly as 3 bugs isnt worth writing a bad review about and potentially putting off all of their future customers. It just isnt fair!!

    And how many times have we holidayed outside the UK and stayed in the nicest hotel in the world and had to sleep in mosquito nets or spray under the door to stop cockroaches coming in. I understand there is an obvious climate difference. But there is only so much you can do to prevent these things sometimes.
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    It is only fair to notify the owners. I wouldn't tell them I was a reviewer. I would take note of their reaction and ask to be moved to another room if one was available. Another room would give me an opportunity to find out if the problem was elsewhere as well. I would then give an honest, balanced review making the point that cockroaches can be found in clean accommodation and do not necessarily indicate dirty accommodation.

    On holiday in Goa we stayed at a basic hotel. We dined around the pool area throughout the day. On one of the hotter days, I ordered some ice cream. I didn't think too much of the crunchy bit half way down the dish at first. It was only when I found the main body of the cockroach I decided I didn't like that particular flavour. One of the evenings dining alongside the pool we also watched a rat dash into the hotel kitchen and back out again shortly after. We still had to eat during our stay. We just tried hard not to think about it. A lot of countries do not enjoy the same standards we have here for reasons of climate and opportunity. Needless to say we haven't been back to that hotel but I haven't lost too much sleep over it.
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    pjvenner wrote: »
    By all means mention it to the owners but don't turn it into another swine flu. Every home in the UK has flies at some time which represent a FAR greater hygiene hazard than cockroaches, but roaches are bigger & slower than flies which makes them easier to spot (and easier to 'gross-out' on). A roach will nest in a warm place whereas a fly will move from a pile of 'doody' to your lunch in seconds & you probably won't even notice it.

    Reporting it to the generally ill-informed public creates an irrational health scare [hence the reference to swine flu], and gives bad press to people who actually care about their guests.

    On the subject of swine flu... If you're sick of standing on the train to work, run for the train, work up a sweat, and inhale pepper right before boarding... when people see you flushed, sweating & sneezing you'll get a whole carriage to yourself ;)

    Top tip. And great logic.
    Cheap and cheerful. Preferably free. :T LBM - more a gradual rude awakening.
    DFD where the light is at the end of this very long tunnel - there, see it? Its getting brighter!! :o

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