MONEY MORAL DILEMMA. Would you write a bad review about a friendly B&B?

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  • I think leaving the next day with no explanation (if the trip was supposed to be longer) is just odd. I would have gone immediately to the owners to complain about the cockroaches and asked to be moved to a different room. If I'm that keen a contributor that people would read what I write with interest, I may well mention it to them and offer to come back in a few weeks - at that stage, if everything is clear, a review praising them for their customer service and mentioning a 'small problem which was resolved straightaway' would be truthful AND positive.
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    I don't like cockroaches - never actually seen one up close and personal, but that's beside the point. But, I'd let the owner know that I'd found them - how can they recitify the problem if they don't know about it. If the people are are friendly as are made out, they'd probably be mortified!

    I'd then let the B&B know that I am a keen blogger/reviewer, and that I would normally be writing something scathing, but would like to give them the opportunity to recitfy the problem, and could I either have another room, or come back at some time in the near future to be able to present a better review at a slightly later date.

    (just off to disinfect myself, the thought of those little things makes my skin crawl)
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  • If they handled the problem well I would mention that, but without mentioning the cockroach. If they appeared not to care, I would mention it - some people might like the company these little pets would give.
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    I think that leaving without complaining is awful. You should mention it to the owner ASAP and give them a chance to put things right.

    I would then write an honest review, not scathing just truthful. If everything else was excellent and they handled your complaint well then say so!
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    ERGGHH!! I wouldn't leave the next day I would leave the SAME day!!!

    If they offered me some sort of compensation then I wouldn't mention them. If not then I would tell all.
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    What's the big deal? Who amongst us lives in a house that is insect free?

    We found a couple of cockroaches in our bathroom in a hotel in Madeira. We were happy with the room so we didn't mention it immediately as we didn't want to end up in an inferior room. At the end of our stay we mentioned it to the owners saying that it hadn't been a problem for us but they might like to do something about it before future customers arrived as some people are a bit freaky about anything with more legs than they have.

    They're really quite beautiful as well once you get to know them. Cool antennae.

    So to answer the question, no, I wouldn't mention it.
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    I would give them the benefit of the doubt - BUT I would not write a review up at all (because I'd want to give them a chance to rectify the problem so it couldn't be an entirely honest one).

    Then I would write to them explaining the problem, and that I am a regular contributor to an online review website - as many people are these days - and say that, although I didn't post a review mentioning the cockroaches, if they don't tackle the problem immediately SOMEONE will, and that will be the end of their business. It needs to be done urgently before someone-else stays there who isn't as kind as I am.

    (And after all, it may not be just the recession that's hitting their business. It may be that word has already got out about their uninvited house guests ... ?? Yuck.)
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    Give the owners advance notice of your concerns and time to put it right, then do an honest review indicating they have taken remedial action (assuming they have!).
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    Everyone so far seems to have missed what I think is a seriously material matter - the second "B" in "B&B" stands for breakfast; if your room had cockroaches imagine the possibilities for the kitchen and the food you and any one else will be eating; ughh!

    You have no way of knowing whether or not the "friendly" owners will actually do anything about the pest problem, nor will you be aware of how long the owners may already have known they had a problem. Maybe that is why trade is slow?

    For me the only answer would be an honest, factually correct review giving the pros and cons as I see them. It maybe true that a bad review follows the business for ever; however most people make a judgement on a broad spectrum of reviews, so one blip is not neccessarily a problem - the owners can join the review site and post their own comments after all.
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    Also, although the OP does not say where the B&B is, I think most of us have assumed it to be in the UK. On the continent and in much hotter, humid countries you will frequently get bugs, but normally regular disinfectant type sweeps are made throughout both rooms and public areas to combat the problem.
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