MONEY MORAL DILEMMA. Would you write a bad review about a friendly B&B?

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    Without a doubt. A) no excuses, and B) well there is no need for a B.
  • mrscb wrote: »
    I would leave an honest review.The whole point of these sites is to help people come to decisions about where to stay.You could also tell the owners what you found so they can do someting about it.

    I would do exactly the same! I'd write my review saying how nice the people were etc but would definitely be honest about the bugs.

    I would also write a letter to the owners again saying how great the stay had been etc but again mentioning the bugs to them. Hygiene is not optional!!!
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    It would be unfair not to tell the owners about the cockroaches.

    I would ask if they knew of a problem and if they had professional Pest Control. I would also ask to see the kitchen area. Hopefully this would be clean with no discernable food waste left out, bins emptied, etc.

    It is always possible that the cockroaches came in with another guest and were not part of an ongoing problem.

    It would be unfair to just write a stinging review without being in possession of all the facts. It would be doubly unfair to leave without informing the owners of the reason.
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    I lived in a block of flats that was infested with brown roaches. We used to have roach rodeos around the kitchen with a saucepan!! Unfortunately roaches aren't fussy and like to get about a bit. Our flat was clean and tidy, but (according to the roachman)many of the other flats were disgusting tips. I wouldn't damn a hotel or B&B if I saw one, although, obviously any in food-preparation areas is a no-no.
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    MSE_Jenny wrote: »
    All’s going well, until you spot three cockroaches in your room, and are so grossed out you leave the next day.

    If you're that grossed out surely you'd leave there and then? I certainley wouldn't wait until the next morning - I'd probably scream and run down to the reception or whatever was there and get them to deal with it - I certainley couldn't wait until next morning! :rotfl: And then I'd write the trip up honestly, complete with what happened and how they rectified it, after all a good review takes into account everything good and bad about the stay and showing how they rectify it backs up their customer service.
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    No dilemma for me here.
    The review should be factual. If you would normally mention the friendliness (or otherwise) of the management, then mention it. If you would normally mention cockroaches, then mention them! Though it's fair to say that in some countries, cockroaches are endemic..
    So good points and bad points as objectively as possible - always.
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    I'd simply call them up and explain that I cannot write them a review as it would be negative because of specifically the reasons named. Chances are they'd be just as inclined to get rid of the roaches as you wish. They may even invite you back when things are better, free of charge.
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    I think that most people would just leave and not say anything, then not write a review, or write a negative review. However what the owners need you to do is tell them what the issue is.

    So my response is that you should tell the owners that they have a problem, and allow them to sort that problem out. And not write any review.

    Personally I dislike it when in situations like this people publicly criticis others and worse, without giving them the chance to put things right.

    If eveyone just walks out and no one tell the owners what the problem is how are they supposed to fix it? Afterall the guests probably spend a whole lot more time in the rooms than the owners ever do!
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    By all means mention it to the owners but don't turn it into another swine flu. Every home in the UK has flies at some time which represent a FAR greater hygiene hazard than cockroaches, but roaches are bigger & slower than flies which makes them easier to spot (and easier to 'gross-out' on). A roach will nest in a warm place whereas a fly will move from a pile of 'doody' to your lunch in seconds & you probably won't even notice it.

    Reporting it to the generally ill-informed public creates an irrational health scare [hence the reference to swine flu], and gives bad press to people who actually care about their guests.

    On the subject of swine flu... If you're sick of standing on the train to work, run for the train, work up a sweat, and inhale pepper right before boarding... when people see you flushed, sweating & sneezing you'll get a whole carriage to yourself ;)
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    I wouldn't give a review immediately. Instead I would let the hotel owners know that they have a problem which needs to be resolved. If everything else was good then it's probably not a general problem, i.e. it wouldn't be there the next time I visited them, so I'd trust a reply from them saying it's been dealt with and give them the good review after that.

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