MONEY MORAL DILEMMA. Would you write a bad review about a friendly B&B?

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  • I think it all depends on your perspective/emotion to cockroaches. If you view them as disgusting creatures that are harbingers of filth, then you would presumably write a review to that effect.

    Cockroaches are not as bad as people make out. There are some 4,000 species and only around 25 have a 'pest status'. They feed on dead cells and general filth. So whilst cockraoches themselves are not that dirty (like cats they keep themselves fastidiously clean), but the environment which is so appealing to them is. In fact we humans carry more harmful germs/bacteria on our hands than a cockroach does walking around.

    Ultimately, the 'roaches' are only there because the general place is dirty, which should warrant a negative review and should certainly be made aware to the owners of the B&B.
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    If it's your job to write honest reviews, there is unfortunately no dilemma, you have to do your job.

    If it's a personal blog or something, no, I'd ask them about it first. If they're as nice as they sound, they'll surely be horrified and take immediate corrective action, so writing a negative review wouldn't really benefit anybody.
  • Depends on how charitable you're feeling. It's perfectly posible the owners don't know about the problem. The first thing anyone should do it tell them about it. As you didn't have the courage to do that at the time, at least write to them (politely) & draw their attention to it, and ask for written confirmation that they have addressed the problem. If that's not forthcoming, by all means then write your review, but caveat it with the statement that the problem may now have been fixed.
    You could also write to the local Trading Standards/Health & Safety (if you're not so charitable).
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    I was staying at a hotel in Africa. When I returned to my room via paraffin lamp (power cut) there was a big black cockroach on my pillow! I chased it out of the room then I went to bed in my clothes and lay awake all night fearful of whether it's mates were lurking under the bed.
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    I think most people would have complained straight away and agree it would be odd not to. The best thing would be to tell the owners what you found and not leave a review on the net. If you tell them and they are nasty about it then you could put a review on the net about it but if they are nice then that would be unlikely to happen anyway.
  • Personally I take reviews with a large pinch of salt anyway. I look, and even if the reviews are 'bad' think how much am I bothered by the comments - many of which are useless or laughably incoherant
    Having back-packed in many 3rd world countries there is not much that grosses me out - apart from extortionate prices for no real value for money. Yes I would raise the issue with the owners – it would be an abnormal find in the UK, but if the room, ambiance, location and price suited me I would have stayed on - not departed early. Negotiated a discount probably… and not bothered about posting reviews.
  • I would have caught one of the cockroaches, taken it down to the owners, told them how shocked I was but that I thought they should know, and asked for a reduction in the bill on the spot.. far more satisfying to have a bit of cash in my pocket than to write a nasty review!
  • As an occasional mystery shopper, I would have to write a truthful review. I would of course tell the owners about the problem, and include in my review their response to the issue. If a review is fair and factual, no one can have any issues with it.

    Their friendliness or otherwise, is immaterial, they are in the hospitality business, being amenable and nice to customers should be the norm, not something, which if present, colours the factual review.
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    Cockroaches look for warm, damp conditions. While most people immediately think they only live in squalid conditions it's very possible for them to live in the cleanest of homes. If the B&B appeared clean it's probably as clean as your own home, and no more or no less likely to harbour cockroaches than your own house. So the best thing to do is to have a quiet word with the owners. If they immediately take action to resolve the problem then good on them - and that's something positive you can write up.

    Writing a stinging review after the event, with the cover of anonymity, and without having given the owners a chance to correct the problem is churlish and somewhat cowardly.

    I'd have to agree. If the place is clean then who knows, the bugs could even have been put there by a malicious guest or competitor (it happens in B&Bs, as well as Employment Agencies and ice crean vans). Tell them, give them a chance to comment and act on your words and then decide. I'd rather have good hosts, good service and cockroaches, than bad service and hosts who are no better than cockroaches.
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    Let the owners know the problem. It's fair to give them a chance to rectify the problem. Contact them again to see if the problems have been resolved. Then it's up to you!

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