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No takeaway challenge

edited 6 May 2009 at 7:56AM in Debt-Free Wannabe
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  • Woo hoo! No takeaways all of may :) I like managing a challenge instead of forgetting like usual!! Well done everyone :)
  • tjretrotjretro Forumite
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    kezlou wrote: »

    How did the exam go tjretro?

    Well done to all those who made it :j

    Had 2 exams so far and they both went really well. Got one tomorrow and one Wednesday then I'm done :rotfl::j:beer:
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  • boogooseboogoose Forumite
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    Hi would love to join in but have not joined in to the forum before so not sure what to do.
    :icotbaske Hoping to be debt free in 3 years in time for 25th anniversary.
  • fedupandskintfedupandskint Forumite
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    7/7 days in June all successful despite feeling v. tempted last night for fish and chips didin't give in :j

    Total for May and June to date is 36/38 days with no takeaways! :j

    Hope everyone is still managing!
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  • What a great idea!!

    Me & my fiance are awful for takeaways!! At least one per week. Last week alone we had;

    Pizza hut

    As well as breakfast in asda, lunch in wetherspoons & dinner in a spanish restaurant (not all in the same day lol)

    We are trying (ahem) to save for a deposit for our 1st house & also our wedding (which isn't even in the planning stages yet!!) When I realised how much money we spent last week on food, I was totally disgusted! (& we also spent a fortune in the supermarket!)

    Yesterday I joined my local credit union, they gave me a card which I can use at a local paypoint to deposit money. So.... Instead of buying a takeaway, I'm going to get the ingredients to make my own curry/pizza etc & the change from our usual takeaway I'm going to put straight in the credit union. If I put it in a tin, I would just take it back out again!!

    Feeling positive about this one!! I'll let you know how I get on :j xx
  • Lois_and_CKLois_and_CK Forumite
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    kerrypops wrote: »
    What a great idea!!

    Me & my fiance are awful for takeaways!! At least one per week. Last week alone we had;

    Pizza hut

    As well as breakfast in asda, lunch in wetherspoons & dinner in a spanish restaurant (not all in the same day lol)

    Do you have debts? I worked out on a snowball calculator how much the cost of our takeaways would save us in interest on our debts and how much it would bring forward our debt-free date. Then I wrote this in huge letters and stuck it on our fridge. It's annoying when you're gagging for a chippy, but it works ;)

    If you don't have debts, you could work out how much money you could save by not having takeaways and how much sooner you could be in your first home if you gave them up. You must have spent a fortune eating out last week :eek:, at least £80? That's £4,160 over a year! A big incentive for you would be to try and buy a house before prices start rising again.

    I try and recreate takeaways/meals out at home to help with this, otherwise it's too hard. So we have themed nights - Italian nights we have garlic bread/pizza/cacciatore. Indian nights we have poppadoms from the supermarket, I make mint yoghurt and onions, a curry, rice and chips. Chippy night I buy battered fish from the supermarket, with chips and bread.
  • Yeah I have debt from ages ago & £80 would be better spent paying off my loan than eating out!! When you look at it that way it seems crazy to waste so much money!!

    Around Christmas time, we were so skint that we stopped having any takeaways for around a month, we got to the stage we were actually preferring to eat in! My partner & I would take it in turns to try new recipes, was a nice way to spend some quality time together too.

    I guess the past week or so, I've just been really lazy! I don't want my 19 month old daughter to get into having junk so guess now is a great time to stop, for a whole number of reasons!

    Today... stop the takeaways.... tomorrow... Stop the chocolate! Lol
    (well..... we'll see!) :rotfl:
  • Hi a total newbie here

    I would also like to join this thread if possible. I am a total newbie to money saving and have not even worked out all my debts yet however i know that i need to start somewhere.

    We are a family of 4 and live on takeaway/meals out in one form or another. We moved into a new flat 1st May this year and have not actually cooked a meal since then (maybe toast/cereal at breakfast at most) (Excuse is a smoke alarm is right above the cooker)

    I think we are spending about £20 - £50 daily on food but it could be more than that, and we are going to spend the next few days pouring over our credit card statements etc to see where we go from here.

    Anyway hopefully this thread will give me the motivation that I need to sort all this out

    **Newbie just starting out without a clue!**
    *No Takeaway Challenge started Sunday 16th August 2009*
  • Hi guys,

    Not a bad idea to revive this thread as it was obviously working for all of you.

    Just come across it for the first time, and despite my MSE prowess in many areas I know we are rubbish when it comes to take aways. My husband can't cook (won't cook), and I work 12.5 hour shifts as a midwife. Therefore by the time I get in I certainly don't want to cook. Plan to overcome this by batch cooking and then making nice "theme" meals as suggested on my days off. I'm aiming for 20/30 from today.
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    Left for life Down Under 4th August 2012 - living frugally and have learned my lessons :j:j:j:j
  • PrimulaPrimula Forumite
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    Hi everyone
    I was in this thread before and it certainly did make me think, so now you guys have wakened it up again, I'm going to join back in again too. My month starts on the 16th so I'm going to aim for only 2 takeaways (I will try for zero, but will say 2 to be safe) until next payday, 16th September. Good luck.
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