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April 2009 Grocery Challenge

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  • lalamblalamb Forumite
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    I'm new to this part of MSE but would really like to give it a go. I haven't got a clue how much we spend each month on groceries, it could be anything from £600-£800 per month. We are, me and OH, DD19, DD14, DS5, DS6.
    My expense is because of 2 fussy eaters,OH and DS6, neither like the same foods DH likes old fashioned traditional food -pies, stews etc, won't eat pasta, spicy food, rice and hates bread!!! DS6 likes chicken, salads, duck, lamb and pork, but it's all quite bland and expensive, he won't eat anything that's sauce based!!! The rest of us are ok, me DD19 and DS5 eat anything, DD14 eats more or less anything but hates stews, pies and doesn't like potatoes. I almost always cook 3 seperate meals each night but often find myself cooking 4 meals and it costs a bloomin' fortune. The only meals which we all eat is a roast dinner on Sunday(DS6 minus veg and substitutes that with salad) and toad in the hole.
    It's easier and sometimes cheaper to opt for takeaway.
    I don't know where to begin, HELP!!!!
    I understand that having a large family you will have to cater for individual tastes but it's ridiculous sometimes. I could serve up the same meal to everyone and say if you don't like it you can lump it but you can't force people to like foods they simply don't like.

    I hope I've posted this in the right place.
    Thanks for any tips and advice you've got.
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    WelshWooferWelshWoofer Forumite
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    Afternoon all!
    Just popping in to report the Mr T spending yesterday - I only bought mostly fresh stuff and a few other bits and pieces but managed to spend £40!
    Why is fruit and veg so expensive!!!!!?

    I'm over target now but only by a few pounds and its the end of the month next weekend when thankfully the new budget starts again.
    I'm thinking of going weekly rather than monthly as it seems easier to control and might stop me going berserk one week thinking I'll have a better week the next (which never happens!).

    Oh well - onwards and upwards!
    January grocery spending - £82.73/ £120
  • Girl_least_likely_toGirl_least_likely_to Forumite
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    Afternoon All :wave:,

    Just poppng in to update sig on the last couple of weeks spends. I've had .com deliveries from Asda and Tesco, and also popped into morrisons for a v small top up shop, and also got relatives to get me top ups too. I've not been wanting to venture out much as baby could be due any day so I think mum, MIL and internet deliveries are fab :D.

    I've not used before, had stuck to Tesco and was always pretty satisfied but I couldnt get a delivery on the day I wanted so gave Asda a chance. What is better than Tesco is when Asda subsitute an item with a higher priced item they still charged for the item you originally wanted. I had 3 things substituted which saved me nearly £5 :beer:. I might be converted :D. Just hope the site is improved as I don't find it as user friendly as Tesco. I think they are rolling out improvements so hope they hurry up with it.

    Back off to enjoy the sunshine :cool:. Good luck to everyone for the rest of the month :)
  • mooominmooomin Forumite
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    From what I can remember I have:

    • 6xlamb chops
    • lamb shoulder
    • bag of unidentified lamb bits (My dad comes down from Up North with a bag full of lamb/venison for me every few months) He just doesn't always label it. :rotfl: Whatever it is will cook fine in the slow cooker :D
    • Whole chicken
    • Sausages
    • Mince 500g
    • Stewing steak 500g
    • Chicken soup - home made - enough for two portions
    • Bolognaise - two portions
    • Shepherds pie - should feed three, so our flatmate will be happy
    • Lamb leftovermush - made in the slowcooker and really tasty but not thought out enough to be a casserole :rotfl: Enough to feed two or three I would think
    My current plan is to buy no more meat until all of the above is finished (The meat anyway)

    Hmm...didn't quite work out like that!

    I went to M&S today and got the meal for a tenner. I was hoping for a roast chicken, but they were sold out. My own fault for leaving it so late I suppose. Instead we have chicken breasts with ham, cherry tomato and some kind of crumbley-looking topping, parmentier potatoes (which I will use with tomorrows dinner) and profiteroles. Om nom nom. I will flog the wine to my drinking friend as I don't like red wine at all :D (Unless it's in sauce)

    I also bought:

    • Strawberries reduced to £1.50
    • Cream for the strawberries £0.50
    • 4 Aberdeen Angus burgers reduced to £2 - in the freezer now
    • Aberdeen Angus beef for casserole reduced to £3
    My meal deal should have cost £16.76 so I'm quids in there, and I paid for it all with gift vouchers, so no money spent from the grocery budget :j When you get to M&S in time for their meat reductions you get some real bargains. I would have bought more but my arms were tired!

    Hope everyone is enjoying the lovely weather.
  • BarneysmomBarneysmom Forumite
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    Hi I just updated my sig as I've spent £36.96 at Mr.M's. It was a good day though I got a stack of fresh fish off the whoopsie counter so we're stocked up for a couple of weeks or more for fish,. Now I have to find some bargain meat ;)

    I popped into the Tesco Express, fancied some strawberriesand I'd forgotten them at M's. No way, £3.99! :eek:
    Went without lol, I'm not paying that for a tub of strawberries, I'll wait till I go back to Mr. M's again.
    We had tinned fruit cocktail instead, Asda 25p :cool:
  • sistercassistercas Forumite
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    welcome Lalamb quite a difficult situation there foodwise.
    I can only think that maybe batchcooking may help which means you will have meals for later without having to cook
    I am sure someone will come along soon who will be able to help x

    was intending having a NSD today but bought some charcoal so we could have a BBQ
    now the BBQ was lovely but has really dented my meat supply :rolleyes:
  • tessie_beartessie_bear Forumite
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    lalamb...could u build on what they will all eat....u mention roast and sausage .....i know it may get boring but could u have sausage once a week and do a variation on a roast eg chops...would it be worth sitting them all down and having a chat about u are trying to save money (possibly for something nice for them eg a holiday) and u need to plan meals that u can make....i must say id be coming at it from the point of iam worn out this a kitchen not a works canteen and i cant cook all these choices everynight (but then im mean) and we need to find common ground.....u are a saint to cook all that....mine get one meal a night and they eat the bits they like....good luck

    we had a great bbq this afternoon...lovely great fun and nice food....dont people eat a lot though...must be all the fresh air they are breathing while eating outside...i did chicken kebabs which were nice and tuna steaks...they cook relly well on the barbir ...i also like sweetcorn cobs but i wait until the summer to buy them

    back to making packed have to pop out and get a few supplies...bread would be a good start !

    i found the local farm shop on sat...well more of a trailer....i got half a sack pots for £3...massive head of broccoli £1 ....nice white cauli 70p...1 dozen eggs £1.60 and they are really big with bright orange yolks....i shall be going back....oh and a bunch of beetroot £1....the quality is lovely and i thought the prices were reasonable

    take care
    onwards and upwards
  • JayJay14JayJay14 Forumite
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    Just popping in to update my sig, don't know if I'll mamage to stick to it this month - I keep going over by a few pounds for no good reason. I have plenty of food in the freezers - could probably last the best part of a month on what I have.

    Oh has been working 65 miles away for the last month so meals have been a bit haphazard but he starts a new job tomorrow (he's temping at the mo) and will only be 3 miles away. May be able to actually plan meals for the forseeable future.

    Good luck for the rest of the month everyone.
  • Hello All
    I have overspent on my first try, but I have really enjoyed this and it has been a revelation. April ends this Friday for me. I am hoping to only need to spend a further £5.00 max in April.
    May's budget will be the same at £300.00 but I will notify once again when everyone else is moving over.
    Created by - Nutrition Facts For Foods
  • Hello us again

    We got some nonsense at the supermarket on Friday night - danger time - we went for 'treats' - a habit I am trying to stop.......when I say we I mean of course ME.

    Anyway as well as the essential marshmallows and some reduced ciabatta (30p each) - I got a hunk of local beef for £6 quid some mini apples in tesco which at 90p for 10 were cheaper than the value apples. lol and btw - why is cheese so expensive???????

    I guess fruit veg AND PASTA etc will have gone up with the euro - but cheese? cheddar ? from the UK what on earth is going on that its so expensive????

    So we are now upto 26/50
    Total debt 26/4/18 <£1925 we were getting there. :beer:
    Total debt as of 28/4/19 £7867.38:eek:
    minus 112.06 = £7755.32:money:
    :money:Sleeves up folks.:money:
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