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April 2009 Grocery Challenge

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  • HollysanHollysan Forumite
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    Hello folks,

    I haven't posted since the beginning of the month because of the Easter holidays etc, but we are doing OK. We had family visiting over Easter, but we also went away for four days, so that evened things out. Had a great time over the holidays, but looking forward to getting back to 'normal'. (What's that, then?!)

    The freezer is pretty empty and as others have found, having the children (and OH!) on holiday has meant a flood of spending. Oh well!

    I need to do some serious meal planning to get us to the end of the month, and I also need to do some baking before the lunch boxes need filling on Monday.

    Have a good weekend everyone; welcome to the newbies.

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  • Coolmum66Coolmum66 Forumite
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    Hi all

    Have kept up with all posts but not posted this month

    Been shopping today - few bits only - so have spent from beginning of April to today £171.83, leaving me with £38.17 till the end of the month and another weeknd to go!! - hmm - we shall see how we do with this!!

    Good luck to all - it's definately a challenge when prices keep rising!!:rotfl:

    Coolmum. xx
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    ellemmellemm Forumite
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    Hi all

    Haven't updated signature for a while so have done now. Not much to last till the end of the month but the spending today included food to feed 12 adults and 4 children for lunch tomorrow!! might be some leftovers.....! and there is still loads in the freezer so might just about come in on budget.

    Only two small portions of chicken curry left for freezing, everything else was eaten which of course is great as everyone enjoyed the food and had a good time too!! Also "gained" several bottles of wine and some beers for the drinks cupboard.

  • JulimkJulimk Forumite
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    A couple of NSDs here, in all respects, which is a bit of a relief!

    Only a few more days to go, but not a lot left in the budget, Keep seeing things that are nearly running out & trying to judge if it will eek out for just a little bit longer. Will anyway need some more milk & some bits for DDs pack-ups next week.
  • trish123trish123 Forumite
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    Havent done this for a while but been lurking.Will join in again in May
    :rolleyes: Jan grocery challenge £300/£210 spent so far.I can do this:T
  • AlwaysHappyAlwaysHappy Forumite
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    Hello there, I would like to declare at £199.68/£200 for April which I couldn't have done without the motivation of this thread, I haven't posted very often but read the thread daily. Can I be put down again for £200 for May please? though this will be harder as Mum is coming to stay for a week, but I will do my best.
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  • wigwamwigwam Forumite
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    Hello all, Long term lurker here. I will definately be joining the May challenge, have been keeping receipts for the past 2 weeks and the results so far are shocking!!!!
    You have all done so well, keep up the good work xx
  • JayneCJayneC Forumite
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    Hey everyone,

    Sounds like most people are doing quite well this month!
    I've just totted up on Spending diary and am up to £238.60 which is ok as my month ends on Friday and budget is £250. Just have to get bread and milk before then so should make it ok.
    DS1 is home from uni in middle of next month so I may have to adjust my budget then , we will see...
    Well off to update sig now and bake some cakes an biccies for lunch boxes.
    I got a big pack of stewing steak reduced in Tesco a couple of week ago so going to cook all that today an should do at least 2 meals maybe 3!!! Will have to check out recipes....
    See you all soon x
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    HowlinWolfHowlinWolf Forumite
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    Can I join in for May please, which will start on the 30th of April. I have been meal planning and food budgeting for a while but keep falling off the wagon a bit. So far I've trimmed about 250 off our monthly food bill - I am fairly sure most of it used to end up in the bin! I am pretty much on target for this month despite £46.50 for shoes for ds and £48.50 for the milkman having to be found from the food budget. I wish the milkman would show up more regularly, I think I am going to start a piggy bank for him.

    Anyway MRS M could you put me down for 350 for May from the 30th April please

    As well as trying to sort out my own debt I am also trying to sort the family overdraft, I am hoping that at some point dp will take the hint and sort himself out - seems to be having an effect so far!
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  • Hi everyone, I have got flu so i had to let o/h go to shops... until then we'd only spent £40 for April, but he spent £50 in Mr T with little to show for it!! so we're now standing at £90, so we should come in under budget as long as i use my imagination for the remainder of the month!! Lots of veggie currys i think! also did i imagine someone making burgers with stuffing?? i will have to search for them. Hope everyone is ok xx
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