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Great 'Cheap Tan' Hunt



  • Sarahsaver
    Sarahsaver Posts: 8,390 Forumite
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    I got a set from bid-up.tv for about £7, two spray cans of fake tan with instant colour, exfoliating wipes and a load of tan wipes for face and body. Absolute bargain and it looks natural too. I know their postage is high but even including postage it is as good as st. tropez. I have also had banana boat fake tan fropm poundland, and boots own brand stuff from the clearance shelf when it was on bogof a couple of years ago.
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  • libitina_2
    libitina_2 Posts: 492 Forumite
    Remember a real tan (from uvb via lamps or sun) is an indication you are healthy. There is nothing dangerous in TANNING via the sun.
    [size=-2][PDF][/size] SUNLIGHT ROBBERY:

    That statement is wrong and dangerous.

    A suntan is an indicator that your skin is damaged.

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  • outrageous_monkey
    I have the palest skin ever, auburn hair, freckles etc etc. And over the years I have spent a fortune on fake tan products. I have 2 airbrush systems (I was convinced either or was gonna work :o ) an ibod system, avon products, tan wipes, st tropez, eco tan, holiday skin, the list just goes on and on............ and for me, all of these were rubbish. The best one I have found, and no one here has mentioned it but its Loreals Sublime Bronze. You can get it in 2 different types, tinted and clear. Its never gone streaky or orange. If I make a mistake, after the tan has developed (I always get it wrong in the creases of my skin between my thumb and finger) the good old fashioned Johnsons baby wipes fade it, it doesnt take it away completely but it does fade. Plus, it doesnt matter how often I apply, it only ever goes to the same shade. The only down side to it, is I have largish pores on my chest, so with most fake tans, it can look like I have a few blackheads :eek: I'm trying a new one this year, bought off QVC, cant remember its name, cost £20 not including p&p, and its suppose to be a good seller in Europe. Its a lotion not a creame. It comes provided with gloves and sponge to apply it with. I've used it twice now, not so keen on my legs, but using a sponge in small circular movements can be time consuming. But for my chest, face, arms and hands its brilliant. If anyone wants to know the name, just let us know and I'll leave another post. Forgot to say the Sublime Bronze is around a tenner, and a tube/bottle can last at least 2 summers.
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  • jlh_2
    jlh_2 Posts: 17 Forumite
    I've been using fake tans for years, and having just returned from Tenerife a few weeks back, I've been topping up with "Dove" (darker). Its really very good, and no need to buy a special fake tan for the face as it works well and hasn't caused me any problems (sensitive skin around the eyes).
  • jlh_2
    jlh_2 Posts: 17 Forumite
    I've just started using "Dove" holiday skin moisturiser which is very good, but that's because I'm topping up a tan having just got back from holiday.

    Usually I use bodyshop cream fake tan and its essential to use bodyshop handmitt (I've had mine for over two years now, just rinse in soapy water after each use and leave to dry naturally). If you use the handmitt (on bodyshop brands or any others) it cuts out any streaks, you never get orange palms - its absolutely brilliant. Check out bodyshop's offers on fake tans at this time of the year - there's usually one. I bought two tubes last year, BOGOF, for about £10.00 and that lasted the whole year. ;)
  • jlh_2
    jlh_2 Posts: 17 Forumite
    Superman wrote:
    Anyone know where you can get a cheap tannning spray machine I think they retail around £120 usually
    Take a look at lastminute.com - they had some on sale there a couple of weeks back. Might be worth a look. If you get one, please let me know how you got on - am too "scared" to try one out!!!!
  • shop-shop-shop
    Patsy Palmer (Bianca from Eastenders) had the same problem with sensitive fair skin and red hair. She produced a range of self-tans called "It...is" which are Aloe Vera based. They don't smell like normal fake tans (although there is still a slight whiff!) and the colour is very natural. :j

    They do a spray in light or dark, but it's a pain to apply - only a small amount comes out at a time, and my finger was aching by the time I'd done both legs!

    The gel is fab, though. It is clear and very smooth to apply - I always use a mitt for covering larger areas, and to avoid scary orange palms & fingernails. I find the Body Shop mitts are the best - Boots mitts are rubbish, the tan comeS through to your fingers!

    Boots sell It..Is, so you can get your Advantage points - sorry I can't remember what it costs, but it is more St Tropez price than Johnson's.

    Lastly DON'T SWIM IN A CHLORINATED POOL OR YOUR FAKE TAN WILL FADE AWAY!! (Great for if you want to get rid of your mistakes, though!)
  • shopaholicsan
    £8.75 worth of Tesco Clubcard Vouchers will get you a St Tropez tanning session if you are near Hertfordshire, Birmingham, Essex, Kent, S.Yorkshire, Gloucestershire, Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire, Cheshire or Derbyshire.
    Link here:


  • abijanzo
    abijanzo Posts: 857 Forumite
    I've just tried Ambre Solaires new 'no streaks bronzer' mousse.
    i must admit I applied it all over a bit hap hazzardly in 5 mins last night, but it has done a really good job! Lovely colour on me (I'm very fair skinned) darker than my usual fake tans but very natural looking. I did manage to get a streak on my leg but then as i said I didnt take care so serves me right. It was easily rectified this morning with a quick squirt.
    The mousse is tinted so gives you an instant colour and you can easily see where you have put it.
  • Otago
    Otago Posts: 108 Forumite
    Got a shock today in superdrug with the array of fake tans, and tanning moisturisers! The smell is one of the things I really hate and so I was having a whiff, and thought the Garnier one smelled lovely, almost fruity. Has anyone tried this one? Think its garnier summer and is on offer at the mo.
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