Great 'Cheap Tan' Hunt



  • clipboard2
    clipboard2 Posts: 250 Forumite
    I look fit thanks to ECOTAN spray tan I got from QVC the shopping channel. Its a clear liquid you spritz on as a mist, followed by a rub in of your favourite moisturiser. Last time I paid about 8.00 for a 200ml bottle which lasts for ages. Its perfect, you reapply as often as you want to achieve your desired depth of bronze. However I prefer a beach on the French Riviera...
  • outrageous_monkey
    Just wanted to say that yesterday I bought Loreal Sublime Bronze micro spray mist. I had just been given a £5 off voucher for boots and used it against it. I have used Loreal Sublime Bronze in the past (gel form) and have given it high praise on this thread before, however, this is even better. Again, its only light, I had to spray twice before I went a shade of brown, but it looks fab. I would recommend you cover your feet up otherwise all the mist particles land on your feet and look alarmingly orange. Mind you, saying that, this hasnt done that and my toes look really good. It does say do not spray on face, but I did. It hasnt gone orange, swollen or fallen off yet and that was this morning, so not sure why it says that?

    I also remember the words of my friends, but I would rather have enemies than friends like you :p

    :p would like to make it known that ZubeZubes avvy is a DHN, she's not dancing :o
  • len2911
    I use Heavenly Bodies Spray Tan (Applied professionally) and it is fantastic! A very natural colour and people are genuinely suprised when then find out its fake! No streaks/non-orange what more can a girl ask for, and it lasts upto 10 days. Great for holidays too as you tan through while it wears off gradually. Mine costs £20, but its worth every penny in my opinion...
  • janaltus
    janaltus Posts: 155 Forumite
    libitina wrote:
    That statement is wrong and dangerous.

    A suntan is an indicator that your skin is damaged.

    I am sure you are right and I would love to find an alternative to sunbathing. Problem is ... I have chronic psoriasis and do nothing but suffer from flaky and cracking skin over my body and face - except when I am sunbathing several hours a day (when I look and feel great).

    Anyone out there with psoriasis who has found an effective and low-cost fake tan?
  • vicki2k6
    Hi, i have used st tropez bronzing mousse for years and found it to be a great fake tan, although i noticed that when my tan started to fade, it went quite funny no my skin, like patchy. Does any one know how to prevent this from happening?
    I have been using sunbeds (A LOT) lately and dont want to keep relying on them because i am going to start getting wrinkles soon!
    Any answers are appreciated,
  • skintio
    skintio Posts: 65 Forumite
    To stop fake tan going patchy in between you need to exfoliate well in between applications and moisturise well too, if say applied on monday night, then exfoliate weds morn ... but make sure you moisturise every day after getting out of shower/bath.. this should help stop the patchy effect.

    A previous poster said apply ft in a circular motion when applying, this isnt necassarily true, at college we got taught to to apply in a downward motion, i.e start at top of legs and work down in a downward rubbing motion i f you get what i mean.( if you use st tropez mousse / cream you dont rub these in, they will just go bitty and you wont get an even colour.)

    You should really only use a ft for the body on your body not on your face as well, certain ingriedients arent good for your skin the body ones and can clog up your pores, and if you suffer with bad skin, blackheads etc you may make them worse. (mind you i sometimes use body ones on my face, my bad :o ).

    My college tutor told us when we were learning that when aplying fake tan it is just the same as applying moisturiser , make sure every bit is covered and it is rubbed in well and you cant really go wrong..

    To stop streaking, or orangey patches on ankles knees etc have some tissue , kitchen roll handy and as soon as youve apllied it there use the tissue to blot area to absorb most of the product, also make sure you have paid extra attention when exfoliating, moisturising to these areas..

    If i think off any thing else il post it, happy fake tanning everybody... hth x
  • lucylamb_2
    i found this company called natursun who have bought out this great fake tan range called 'lovin it' and its great. i used st tropez but found that it came out quite sloppy. They do mousse and creams which caters for all :rotfl:

    The chocolate one smells like chocolate which is great!!
    check them out :beer:
  • sm00chie
    sm00chie Posts: 324 Forumite
    Superdrug has Palmer's Cocoa Butter Tanning moisturiser for half price at the moment, it's £2.49

    I thought i'd give it a go cos i use their Cocoa Butter to moisturise anyway and it's left me with a really nice colour

    the only downside is the smell after application 'when it's working' i've yet to find one which smells nice all the way if you know what i mean
  • lucylamb_2
    as i said in the previos post, you should try the naturasun lovin range. They have a chocolate one that smells so lush!! trust me its so nice walking round smelling like coco hmmmmm :p

    The good thing as well is that its the same price as other companies like st trapez and fake bake but twice as much in it!!. the only down side that ive found is that when you put it on use like a mitt to apply, as its (for me makes it streak free), but my friends applies it without one. I am bit of an amateur tho!!:rolleyes:
  • Ted_Hutchinson
    libitina wrote:
    That statement is wrong and dangerous.A suntan is an indicator that your skin is damaged.
    I'm afraid libitina and Cancer help are out of date and the sum total of the latest evidence supports my claim that a NATURAL SUNTAN obtained from sunshine or UVB tubes is actually a sign of a healthy natural process.
    Just look at the latest research and here and and hereso without getting sun on your skin you are missing out on improving your skins natural photoprotection mechanism not only that you are and hereNot going to benefit as Vitamin D3 provides skin with protection from harmful microbes

    Dr Cannell discusses the matter in more detail here But what we must remember is that for each individual who dies from cancers which are induced by excessive sunBURN, OVER THIRTY, will die from cancers which proliferate in bodies low in Vitamin d. So for every one person libitina possibly helps with her unscientific scaremongering well over 30 will be harmed as it is FAR MORE important to get plenty of Vitamin d and the cheapest source is free sunshine.
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